Dealing with Kahnsequences.

David Kahn has set himself up to be dealing with one of the most grandiose sucess/failure opportunities I've seen in a major sport.  He is constantly on camera trying to sell Minnesotans on his plan.  Well, there is no doubt that this team is his creation and he will live or die by the Kahnsequences (seriously I should be writing for ESPN) he has laid out for himself.

If you're anything like me you have read most every rehashed, poorly researched Kahn hating article on the internet. People seem to find any move the our current GM makes to be the equivalent of shooting one's self in the face.  Even when its as simple as signing a low risk veteran PG like Luke Ridnour.  God knows there have been worse signings than that.

I for one feel like I can see the big picture Kahn is going for.  I hope he gets there and he'll need some luck, but the biggest moves for this year have now been made I believe, and from here its a matter of a few minor trades and waiting to see who steps up from our new crop of players.

The point of this post is look even further into the future to next year which, if all goes according to plan, should be our breakout year into relevance.  The way I see it, there are 4 major changes that will happen between this year's team and next year's team and I think the Wolves have a lot to be looking forward to in 2011.

Change #1: Look for us to trade Jonny Flynn before the beginning of the 2011 seaons.

The Luke Ridnour signing makes a world of sense if one is willing to look a little further down the road.  It practically guarantees Flynn will be dealt.  It has been my belief since the night of the 2009 draft that Kahn did one thing and one thing only with picks 5 and 6.  He drafted for the best possible value he could.  The reason he did this is because he knew that the team would be moving players all over the place so there's no need to commit to need over talent.  Of course we've been over the fact that Steph Curry seems the superior player and I'm sure all of us including Kahn would do that one differently another time around.  However, I still believe Jonny will be the 3rd best PG to come out of that draft.  I don't think Kahn really ever felt that Jonny and Ricky would play together.  He knew one would likely get traded at some point, he just wasn't sure which one.  With Ricky telling us he will be here next year the time is ripe for making Jonny look great this year, letting him play to his strengths, and watching his trade value shoot way up, while keeping Ridnour around for the future to be backup/mentor to Ricky Rubio.

Change #2: The use of our trade exception.

Speaking of Kahnsequences, this is pretty much the big moment.  Not that having the cap space added to our payroll isn't worth a lot, but I think we all feel he has to use this to acquire a major player.  The number one guy I think most of us have in the back of our minds is Iguodala.  We need a good SG and Webster has only about a 20% chance of being our future starter.  Iggy would come in and give us the ball handling we need from the 2 spot.  I think Philly is going to be crying for the cap relief too, especially if Turner works out for them.  There may be other players that would be even better but I think most would agree this would be a home run.

Change #3: Ricky Rubio in MN.

I don't deal in the media's belief that Rubio won't play here.  As soon as the lockout business is settled I believe we will see mop-top playing for us.  He's the most likely player to be our superstar and Kahn gets 100% of the good or the bad that comes from Ricky.

Change #4 One more lottery draft pick.

I expect us to finish slotted around 6th in the lottery for this year.  That still gives us a good shot at the top 3 picks, and regardless should net us a nice player.  We also should have the added bonus of having no major holes on the roster so those clamoring about BPA, this should be your draft.  We will be free to get the guy with the best chance of being an allstar.

Therefore I see the 2011 starting roster looking like






Then add to that the 2 unknown assets in what we get for Flynn and the player we draft in the lottery, as well as our seemingly very solid bench.  

I am confident that this is a playoff squad.  Our system should gel this year and be ready to roll when this happens.

Anyone else see the vision??  Anyone??  I hope you weren't serous about that f%#$ing avocado!!!

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