Building around a core

What did you want from Kahn comming into the offseason? To get a potential star via draft of FA right? how bout 2? Wes might be a stretch to become an all star but I'm not putting it past him before he plays a game. But I feel the real catch is Beasley. We got this kid for NOTHING! I personally would have killed to draft him 2 years ago.

The point of this post isn't Kahn, I just wated to give him props where many don't want to. Yes, he could have drafted cousins over wes, but the FO found him as more of a risk, so can't really blame them. And yes it's true Miami had a hard time finding a trade partner for Beasley but I believe that he will be ATLEAST a 2nd fiddle on a contender, If not a #1 star on a playoff team. His numbers and physical tools and game point to a Carmelo ceiling and who wouldnt want that for a 2nd rounder? Also, If you thought Kahn was going to land one of the top 5 FA's by selling them on a max contract and a 15 win core then you were dreaming. Anyway I digress...

I personally am excited by where this team is heading. I strongly believe Rubio will come next year and we will have a SOLID young core with TONS of potential. The core we should buil around is Rubio, Wes, Beasley, and Love. The inclusion of Love is contingent on one of 2 things happening. 1) Beasley can become a full time starter at SF and Wes at SG (preffered option) 2) If not 1 Love can accept a 6th man of the year position. If neither works I hate to say it but we eventually need to get the best deal in a trade for Love as him pouting on the bench after the inevitable (Beasley outplays him and takes over starting PF) won't help us grow.

So, basically a team built around this core will look like this:

PG: Rubio

SG: Wes

SF: Beasley

PF: Love

C: Darko (if he can be a defensive presence. If not find one at C)

That team could KILL in a couple of years and eventually contend. If Beas n Wes playing down doesn't work then we need to get a Star at SG. I say The Basketball Gods give us all the luck in the world next lottery to make up for 21 years of terrible luck. and we land the #1 for Harrison Barnes.

PG: Rubio

SG: Barnes

SF: Wes

PF: Beasley

C: Darko (same conditions as above)

With love accepting 6th man and using all of our other players, picks, cap space, and the TPE to fill in the spaces this team woud be THE most dangerous up and comming team in the League, maybe next to OKC. Very doable with a little luck!

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