Josh Smith?

So just thinking what would it take to get Josh Smith in a Wolves uniform. I know we have Kevin Love and Michael Beasley, but I'm just thinking. Rambis says that he wants the wolves to become an athletic running team. We can all hopefully agree that Kevin Love is not on the same level of athleticism as Josh Smith. I'm not aware of Kevin Love's trade value around the league or Josh Smith's.

It seems to me that with a player with a similar skill set to Love's, David Lee, being very sought after in free agency, a player like Love on his rookie contract would be a steal. Also, if Smith joins our team it improves us defensively and athletically because Smith is a great shot blocker. I realize that this is very improbable because we would be giving away our best player for the second time this offseason (first being Big Al), but i think the return on this one would trump the loss because of defensive benefits. 

Like I said earlier, I'm not aware of each players trade value and I don't think Atlanta would do it because it would leave them vulnerable defensively, but say if they are somehow tanking or if they are looking to unload a salary Minny has the space to help and a valuable young player like Kevin Love.

My idea is along the lines of something like

K-Love, Jazz 1st rounder for Josh Smith

Also, I think it would be cool if we could get rookie shooting guard Jordan Crawford involved somehow also.

K-Love, Jazz 1st, Memphis 1st, One of the second rounders that we haven't traded to Miami for Crawford and Smith

There would need to be outside financial circumstances to allow such a deal to happen because I don't think Atlanta would otherwise be interested, but either way I would be happy with it and the Wolves looking like






Another added thing is if Beasley reaches his potential and becomes the star Carmello Anthony mold 3 our line up would be sick.

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