Kahn is a Moron?

Ok Kahn haters.  Its time to face the facts.  There has been much negativity on this site about Kahn and this team, and I personally think its because of all the hate from guys like Woj, Simmons and Ford about the Wolves.  Take a close look and see when all the super-hate began.  People weren't so down on Kahn until that Woj article came out 2 days before the draft.  People were skeptical but the outright hate happened after that article.

Kahn's biggest decisions:

Trading Foye/Miller for Ricky Rubio

Drafting Jonny Flynn over Steph Curry

Hiring Kurt Rambis

Drafting Wes Johnson over DMC

Trading for Martell Webster

Signing Darko Milicic

These are the biggest and/or most controversial decisions Kahn has made.  I'm going to break down each one and give it a +5 to -5 rating for the team.  Also pointing out how much is actual and how much is speculative.


Foye/Miller for Ricky Rubio (+5):  I don't see how anyone can say this is anything but a great trade.  I could have put this one in speculative because we haven't seen Rubio play, but realistically Rubio will be the face of our franchise unless he truly sucks in the NBA.  Getting the face of the franchise for a draft disappointment and a guy who was trade filler the year before is nothing short of fantastic.

Drafting Jonny Flynn over Steph Curry: (-2)  Some will argue about my rating, but I think its conservatively low.  Steph Curry looks to be an all star for a while and because Jonny Flynn struggled everyone thinks he sucks.  The truth is I think Flynn will end up being bettter than Jennings or Ty Lawson once he knows how to play on this team.  Will he ever be better than Curry?  Probably not, and if he is it will be because his defense becomes better than Curry.  I think this will eventually be seen as a good #6 pick and that Curry surprised.  Keep in mind a lot of GMs weren't sold on Curry.  He's skinny and his PG game was highly questioned.  I don't think you can rip Kahn for this.  I really don't.

Signing Darko Milicic: (+1)  Again I think conservatively low.  Darko looked like the only big man who could play in Rambis' offense last year.  I watched almost all of the games he played and he was the only front court defender we had, and he put up some nice numbers in later games in both scoring, rebounding and assists even though he was terribly out of shape.  I've said before I think Darko will be one of the great coups of trading and look for him to win the most improved player award this coming season.  Oh, and Kahn?  Got him for a steal at 5mil a year for 4 years.  This guy is going to surpass his contract number.

Hiring Kurt Rambis: (+3) I know some on this site have flamed Rambis because the team looked ugly last year, but he was an amazing hire.  To get a guy who has a pedigree with the Lakers, has some head coaching experience, and has a clear vision for the future is amazing for this franchise.  I am a big Rambis fan, and I think he'll be the best coach we've ever had once his guys "get it".  If you need any more convincing of Rambis being good I offer this.  Coaches are largely measured by how their players respect them.  The fact that Rubio met Rambis once as is on record saying that he can envision playing for him is a huge endorsement.  Rubio seems mercurial and one to speak his mind.  He means this statement.  A great hire for Kahn.


Drafting Wes Johnson over DMC: ( 0 ) Lots of people on this site wanted Khan's head for not drafting DMC.  DMC should be a good player and may be a great player in this league.  Sacremento will soon find out just how far he has to go to become a man, but he should put up good numbers.  Let's be clear.  He didn't fit on this Wolves team.  He would NEVER have lived up to his potential on this team because he is an Al Jefferson in that he's the offensive black hole.  Feed it to him inside all day and he'll get you 30 a game, but he's not going to make his teammates better.  Wes Johnson is a terrifically talented 3 and fits perfectly for us.  You wanna argue ceiling?  Fine.  The truth is no one knows cause neither guy has played in the NBA thus this was a neutral 0.  Reserve your judgment until we've seen these guys play.  All Kahn did was draft the best player for the Wolves without trading his pick.  You can't rip him for this.

Trading for Martell Webster: ( 0 )  The overall consensus was that the Wolves overpaid on this trade.  As we all learned that Gomes' contract was worth less than we thought, this trade looks more like a push with a lean in our favor because Webster is such a good fit for us.  Webster is an above average defender and a deep 3 point shooter who runs the floor very well.  He can play the 2 or 3 probably seeing most minutes at 2.  The only way we lose this trade is if Babbitt becomes a star.  I really think he'll be Mike Miller most likely.  A guy who can shoot and rebound ok, but will never be star material.  Webster has some good upside due to his not playing in a system that fit him.  As far as Kahn goes, this gets a 0 again because it seems fair right now and we can judge him once these guys start playing.

So, the way I see it, averaged out Kahn get slightly over a +1 per move.  Hardly a shabby record for a new GM.  Realistically he's gonna need 3-5 years before we can say anything about the guy's performance.  This hate is totally unfounded.  At worst he's an average GM.  Don't be so weak as to let these media pundits sway your emotions.  The Wolves are our team and giving up on them won't make the hurt go away.  Things actually look pretty bright for the future.  I'm sure there will be some haters replying to this and I welcome it, but I am confident that this team is on the upswing.

Side note:  Obviously trading Al isn't on this list and will be a big move for Kahn when it happens.  Can't judge what hasn't happened yet.  Also if people want to rip him for signing Ryan Hollins, all I can say is "really?"  The guy hasn't played great but was too low risk to even worry about in this post.

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