My assault on

Note: I'd like to first acknowledge a few predictable responses to a post like this:

1. Get a life. How long did this take?

About 35 minutes and two Bud Lights

2. You are just a typical blind defensive homer bitter and desperate to cling to something, open your eyes, Kahn sucks.

While I admit to still being a Kahn defender, this post is less about defending him and more of an attack on lazy writing by hacks in the basketball community. I actually dislike several of Kahn's moves and feel he is a bit too honest.

3. If you find this website to be operated by bad, lazy writers with no credibility, why read enough of it to get you this worked up?

Got myself there, damn me. I'm a big fan of PFT and HBT, so I had high hopes for PBT, as it's my favorite sport. Perhaps that's why I still check it out, although in my defense, It's not like I comb through it 3 times a day, collecting false data and waiting to pounce, I check it out few times a week, which is enough to get annoyed.

Lost interest? Probably? If you have nothing else to do, the rest is after the jump.

* These posts have been edited for space, but I swear nothing was deleted that would discredit my criticism.


No seriously, the Wolves think Darko is part of the answer

Sat Mar 27,2010 3:36 PM ET By Matt Moore

Sure, their draft was a complete bust (False), Al Jefferson has been clashing with management (When did this happen? Is anyone aware of Al clashing with management at any point last season? I follow the team closely, can't recall a thing. Excellent journalism.), Kevin Love is the best player in the doghouse at this moment, and Corey Brewer's improvement this season hasn't been enough to stop their need for a legitimate two-guard.

But hey, they've got a plan! They're bringing Darko back! (What a dipshit)

That's right, Darko Milicic, who you may remember as a pivotal cog of Detroit, (Orlando?) Memphis, New York 2003 pre-draft hype, was dead-set on returning to Europe this season before being traded to Minnesota for peanuts. The Wolves have subsequently tossed him into the starting role, benching and relatively burying Kevin Love, one of the better young players on their team (Somewhat fair point)

NBA FanHouse's Tim Povtak reports that the Wolves are planning to offer Darko a multi-year contract when he becomes a free-agent this summer. They are expected to be bidding against the Absolutely No One Else's, who are looking to add to their core of temperamental headcases with questionable basketball ability and limited offensive repertoires (Umm, What? The Wolves had plenty of players with questionable ability and limited offensive repertoires, but who on last years roster was a "temperamental headcase"?)

It's not that Darko doesn't have potential. He does. But if this is what the Wolves consider a big part of their reclamation of the fallen franchise (Who said resigning him would be a "big part of their reclamation"? Seriously, at this point in time this entire post was based on an unconfirmed report, this guy is now making shit up to serve his post), it's a risky gamble to take.




NBA Draft 2010: Minnesota looking hard at Syracuse's Wesley Johnson

Mon May 24,2010 1:18 PM ET By Kurt Helin

It is possible that the Minnesota Timberwolves will move down in this draft -- some team in love with DeMarcus Cousins could offer a sweet package to move up, and if so the Wolves would be hard pressed to turn that down.

But if the offers are not so sweet, how about them taking the latest love of he Syracuse faithful, Wesley Johnson? The idea was floated in the Pioneer Express.

(Timberwolves General Manager David) Kahn and Wolves coach Kurt Rambis have identified an athletic small forward/shooting guard as a key offseason priority for the club, and Johnson, a first-team All-American last season, appears to fill that role. ESPN college basketball analyst Dick Vitale called Johnson the best small forward in the draft.

"Johnson would be a solid pick for Minnesota," (ESPN college basketball analyst Dick) Vitale said. "He's got the athleticism, quickness and explosiveness you want in a player at his position."

The Wolves themselves can choose Cousins, the beasty big man out of Kentucky, but his game is not all that different from Al Jefferson. And the Wolves already have Al Jefferson (although Cousins is bigger and may be a true center). It makes Johnson the logical choice. (This post is fine, now read the next one)




What's in a draft bust?

Fri Jun 25,2010 1:20 PM ET By Rob Mahoney

Among the 2010 draft class, there will be stars. There will be successful role players with long, fruitful careers. There will be early risers, late bloomers, movers, shakers, and minimum salary makers. And of course, there will be the busts.

Wesley Johnson is a great place to start. He did well for himself at Syracuse, but is there anything in his repertoire that seriously suggests Johnson could be a game-changing force in the pros? He's athletic, fairly efficient, and does more than score. I get that. Versatility is fun, and Johnson has a lot of the talents you'd love to see in a player. But that schtick doesn't mean he'll be able to thrive against NBA-caliber competition. There's a lot to like about Johnson but not a lot to love, which doesn't bode well for him as the No. 4 overall pick. Wesley is who he is and David Kahn blew it. (Wait, what? I thought WJ was a "logical choice"? Isn't that what I read last month? Yes, I know that was a different writer, but it's still a little odd to have such a strong contradiction just 30 days apart. You would never see this on PFT. I also find it funny that a "bust" post/column could be written before any of the draftees play their first NBA game. Whatever).




David Kahn thinks the Wolves will be players in free agency. Good luck with that.

Sun Jun 27,2010 1:30 PM ET By Matt Moore

You can say this for David Kahn. He's not lacking for confidence. (You probably should be)

The vexing General Manager of the Minnesota Timberwolves told the Star Tribune that they planned on being active in this summer's free agency session. And we're not talking just the lower level guys who you would expect to consider Minnesota. No, no. The toppermost of the second-most-toppermost
The article states that Kahn and his associates took a list of free agent names, crossed off the ones who were too old or didn't fit with their team (delicate balance of brilliance it currently is) and then crossed off three names who they didn't think they could reasonably expect to sign. 
Three names. 
For fun, let's call these three hypothetical free agents Schmeschmon Schmames, Shmyane Schmade, and Schmis Shmoss. (Embarrassing)
That would still leave guys like Carlos Boozer, David Lee (See next post), and Amar'e freaking Stoudemire as guys that Kahn expects to be able to lob offers for. 
Okay, let's throw out all the stuff about how Minnesota is so miserable weather-wise that Ricky Rubio has to be dragged there kicking and screaming (Now that's just a cheap shot asshole, and probably not an accurate one). Let's toss out the fact that the last relevant musical group from there was either Prince or the Replacements, depending on when you think each made it (the Hold Steady would also technically qualify). Let's just focus on basketball. (No keep talking about music, it's impossible for you to be less qualified to write about that) (Also, I know that was meant as a joke, but it came off weird and not funny in any way).


Why on earth is Minnesota meeting with David Lee?

Sat Jul 03,2010 11:00 AM ET By Matt Moore

So you're David Kahn. You've just signed Darko Milicic for $20 million. You drafted a 23-year-old combo wing the same night you traded for Martell Webster (and drafted another small forward) (Counting positions on a team! that is some hard hitting analysis!). You have one significant trade chip, Al Jefferson, who's a phenomenal young player that for some reason you don't want and who has great trade value, except you've buried it because you've tried offloading him too hard (Well then he doesn't have great trade value, make up your mind. Learn to write.). So what's your next move after locking up all your cap space(Oh. My. God. Horrible. Writing. No. Flow. When. Reading.)

Inviting David Lee for a meeting, of course! (Now wait a second! This guy implied that it was laughable that the Wolves would even consider themselves worthy of a visit from Lee! The fact that he never signed here is immaterial. This clown forgets what he wrote just a week prior and instead decides to go with the tired position logjam take).




It's not just you laughing at David Kahn, Chris Webber is on board, too

Thu Jul 15,2010 11:27 AM ET By Kurt Helin

We've struggled to put into words how we perplexed we have been over Minnesota signing Darko Milicic to a four-year, $20 million deal then shipping Al Jefferson out for almost nothing (This sentence right here should be enough to discredit this writer and this website that somehow found a national platform. The Darko deal has been covered to death on hoopus, at worst it's marginally overpaying. Describing the return on the Jefferson deal as "almost nothing" is equally ludicrous.) 

Chris Webber did it for us: "Good luck." (Timeout)

(Now read that quote again in a deadpan, sarcastic tone. That's it, now you've got it.)

Minnesota's President of Basketball Operations David Kahn was on NBATV's Summer League broadcast and the exchange between Webber and Kahn is funnier than anything in Grown Ups. Believe us.

"With us (Darko) was like Manna from heaven," Kahn said "He is 7'1" and legitimately moves like a forward... I haven't seen a big man pass like him. He really does pass like Vlade (Divac)."

All Webber -- a very good passing big in his own right -- could say was "wow."

The best part was when Kahn compares Webber to Darko in that Webber took a few years to find himself in the league. (Kahn's comparison's weren't great, but his point was not that Webber struggled on the court as much as Darko has, it was more about finding yourself in the league and becoming comfortable. This was easily interpreted, but this guy finds it easier to ignore context and pile on the Kahn Man.)




Kahn calls Chris Webber a "schmuck." Mr. Pot, meet Mr. Kettle.

Thu Jul 22,2010 5:59 PM ET By Kurt Helin

David Kahn is the king of unintentional comedy. (Simmons Wannabe)

Remember back during Summer League, when Kahn sat down for an in-game interview with NBA TV and Chris Webber? And Kahn defended his signing of Darko Milicic by comparing him with Webber and asking Webber how long it took him to find his game in the NBA? (Zero Context) That would be 17 and 9, Rookie of the Year Chris Webber. And it just got weirder from there. Ahh, good times. (Finishing paragraphs with "Ahh, good times" works great in a blog, please keep doing it. Makes you sound sophisticated.)

That video became a bit of a sensation among basketball fans and was passed among friends at Summer League (Passed among friends at Summer League? I saw it on Twitter, as many did, nowhere near summer league, I know I'm nitpicking now, but more weird writing). Kahn went on ESPN 1500 Twin Cities today and this is what he said about Webber (as transcribed by the Star Tribune).

"He's kind of a schmuck, isn't he? Methinks that he spent a lot of time on NBA TV with a former Timberwolves person and he seemed to come into the interview with an agenda. Tough questions are fine, but I felt like was a little defensive about some of the things."

Webber was the schmuck? (Yup he was, also kind of a D Bag) Webber was defensive? (Very much so) Does Kahn realize which one he was in the interview? (I think so) Did Kahn really use "methinks" in an interview? (As opposed to "Ah, good times." in a blog?)Wow. I bet the sky is a really pretty shade of purple in Kahn's world. Personally, I thought Webber was pretty controlled through all of that. (Personally, I find the fact that you thought that unsurprising and predictable, It's clear you decided against actually listening to the interview in question and instead simply went with the transcription, Kahn was definitely taking a shot but was laughing about the situation the whole time).




Look, as I said in my intro, I'm not a blind Kahn defender, I wanted Curry, and Cousins, I think he should shut up for awhile, but if these guys are soooooooo inaccurate when talking about our team, why should we take them seriously on any other team? National guys like Wojo and Simmons can be less annoying with this because they have built up some cache, these hacks? No chance, they offer zero originality, zero cleverness, and highly questionable accuracy. It is very difficult to accurately comment on every team in a league without being lazy, very few do, these guys at PBT don't come close. I don't care if Darko is a total and complete disaster the next 3 years, he will still be a steal compared to what NBC pays these tools.

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