Kevin Love Timeline (with pictures!)

Well I was inspired by a picture and all of the recent talk that Kevin Love is fat, slow, and unathletic chump. So whether this is true or not (it's not), we can all take solace in the fact that he is improving.

Just saw a recent photo of Kevin Love on the USA basketball team and wanted to point out the progress he has made on his body. He's nearing the point where David Kahn might even use some dirty sounding words to describe him. We can only wait and hope!

Well I couldn't find the particular picture that I saw on the TWolves site, so I'll just have to provide the link to that (with interview!), but I also have another picture from Team USA.


From high school: For starters, we have PD's favorite photo of Kevin Love in high school. Who would have thought this kid would turn into an NBA player just by looking at him.



In this link there is a photo of Kevin Love with Three Leg Greg... Let's just say that Kevin looks like he's in awe (I dare you not to click it...)


From college: Kevin Love moves on to UCLA. A considerable change already, but still plenty of excess fat.


Keep in mind how difficult it would be to do what he is doing in that picture without flexing (that'd sound weird without some context). So this is all the definition he has while he is flexing.


Speaking of his UCLA days, who needs another reason to post a picture of his girlfriend (not sure if this is current)



From year one (The detective in me quickly realized that that guy next to him is no longer here... except for some painful memories): Kevin Love gets drafted and traded to MN for OJ Mayo, much to Kevin McHale's elation (pictured below). Nothing hugely different from college, but looks like he might have lost a bit of weight.


McHale was obviously taking some ballroom dancing lessons. I believe he was showing Kevin Love the twist, a wonderful weight loss technique, in this picture.


From his second year (more amazing detective work (anyone looking to hire?) found that glove on his hand. If the glove fits... (wait that didn't really apply, did it?)): Now it's starting to look like Kevin Love has lost a decent amount weight. Still not much definition, but also a lot less fat.



From 2010 (because that's the only year crazy enough to see JaVale McGee make the US Team): Well, if you didn't check out the link above, you should do so. This particular picture doesn't quite do it justice, but in the link you can actually see some definition when he is just shooting a free throw. And that's something. So not a massive difference year to year, but considering the beginning and ending pictures that we have, it's a considerable improvement.


For side-by-side reference:




From the future: I was also able to get an exclusive interview with Kevin Love and I talked about his plans for the future. He was able to provide me with some pictures of what he will look like after a year of playing with Rubio, so take a look.



Kevin Love didn't like me making fun of him about his new hairdo. He said it would be the style by then. Also he said he'd beat me up in a couple years if I didn't stop.



I wonder what Kevin Love would think if he saw this fanpost...


Anywho, what do you guys think? Will we see a continued improvement or has he plateaued? Is it realistic to have expected more (uhhh.... less?) from him?

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