Your 10-11 lineup depth charts

I'v always been a big fan of the system of writing down depth charts by writing the number of minutes next to the player.
As going over our roster was keeping me awake I decided to get out of bed and write down how I think our rotation should look like for the coming season.This is completely ignoring injury backup though. Only position where this could be a problem is the 1 as we have plenty of interchangeable 2/3's and 4/5's.

Please feel welcome to post your own!


1: Ridnour (24) / Flynn (24)
2: Johnson (24) / Webster (24)
3: Brewer (24) / Beasley (16) / Johnson(8)
4: Love (36) / Beasley (12)
5: Darko (24) / Pekovic (24)


Some notes:

I think it's impossible with the talented big men we have that we do not play Beasley some at the 3. No way we can play them all only 24 minutes or less. I'd let Brewer take the smaller, more wing-type opposings 3's as much as possible while playing Beasley against the somewhat bigger players with less range on their shot... as much as that is possible.

The group that is in front should start. Whom of the 2 PG's start is the toughest question for me .. I would fiddle around with it and see what gives the best synergie in the lineups... But I went with Ridnour cuz I think he has the better chance of still being here when and if Rubio comes over (which is highly debatable).

Either way you configure it .. we have some pretty nice firepower from outside combined with inside presence. Especially with Beasley and Pekovic against opposing 2nd string front courts .. they should score at will! I miss that a little with Love + Darko but I'm still confident that is the best combination to put against opposing starting players.

Can't find anything more than an injury backup role for Ellington and Hayward on this team. Would ship them to the D-league where they would probably dominate (especially Ellington).

Would also not get why we would get another big man .. if only for injury backup purposes as with the other 2 mentioned above.

So .... what say thee? Am I giving too many players 30+ minutes? Would you try to give Hayward and/or Ellington 8mins? Who's minutes would you cut down? Let me hear it.

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