Kahn is an Honest Man

          David Kahn is an honest man.  He may not be the confident, strong willed or strong voiced man that draws the trust of a fan base, but he is honest.  As everyone knows, the Wolves and David Kahn are the current laughing stock of the NBA.  Now that New Jersey has the Russian Billionare vying for King James I believe we are the only laughing stock left.  And why shouldn't we be?

          With the McFail's draft and trade failure, KG for mediocrity ad nauseam, Mayo for love, Foye not Roy, and "Doody" Ebi, it only makes sense.  During the playoffs, KG said that he regrets not getting out of Minnesota sooner.  The Wolves are a laughing stock and they should be.  

          Now, what is a better idea?  Should we be looking for a GM who rolls in here with all the phony confidence in the world?  Or should our GM be honest about how huge a climb this will be.  It seems the later is a better alternative.  I am of the firm opinion that whoever our GM was, we would be ready to question his every move.  

          At draft time, Souhan pointed out on am 1500 that there was essentially a running joke about how David Kahn had no idea where he was going in the draft.  Let's just say David Kahn is bad with the media.  The wolves were understandably fine with any of the top four picks.  Everybody and their mother had their idea of who should be drafted, so the media wanted to hear who the wolves were excited about.  David Kahn made an honest comment.  Whether it was Wesley Johnson or Derrick Favors the wolves were going to be happy.  Kahn's honest indifference in picking up one of two solid rookies was misunderstood as lack of planning, or a sign that Kahn has no idea what he is doing.  

          But what if Kahn doesn't know what he's doing?  Well then, we better forget that basketball exists for a little bit, that is if it is really that life threateningly painful to cheer for, or God forbid watch, a team that loses considerably more than they win.  

          Anyways, it seems that what Kahn and crew have going rebuilding the wolves is pretty simple.  It seems to me that the wolves are doing a type of "open tryout" for the future.  

          We have loaded up on young players and giving them opportunities.  Last year we got Sessions, Flynn and Rubio.  Three young point guards to vie for who might lead the team.  We now have Al, K-love, Pek, Darko, and Hollins filling the front court, and Wes, Brewer, Ellington and Hayward filling the wing positions, with Bjelly somewhere in there as well (I'm not sure of his position, he's probably a PF even though he's a PG now).  It seems to me, that the players that develop the best will become the "down the road" wolves supporting cast.  Possibly one of these players could grow into a star, but most likely, the star will come from out side.  Not to mention some more solid draft picks from our undoubtedly mediocre play these next couple of years.  It seems the Wolves, a couple years down the road are like the Vikings before Favre.  A team that with one or two more piece could give a run at a championship.  

          This is my theory.  I think that we all just better understand that the Wolves can't be thrown into contention with some kind of quick fix.  It's a process.  No one knows exactly how to go about it, me, you, or David Kahn.  

If Kahn was confident, strong willed and strong voiced, he would still be criticized.  

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