Love-Lee? (with poll!)

I'mma need some more explanation here, because I'm Kahnfounded over the Wolves' love of David Lee. It's not that I think he's a bad player--he's not. It's that what he seems to do seems identical to what Kevin Love does at 5 1/2 years younger and a third of the price.

When I started analyzing their physical measurements at DraftExpress, they were so similar that I had to keep double-checking which player's figures were which. Love is slightly heavier and stronger with a little better vertical. Lee was a little more agile.

Their per-36 figures were also similar, but had more divergence than their physical attributes. Love takes and makes more threes, gets to the line more often, gets more offensive and defensive rebounds, and slightly more blocks. Lee gets more assists and has a better FG%.

On the advanced-stat side, Love kills Lee on the ORB%, and outperforms him at TRB%. But Lee is way ahead on TS%, eFG%, AST%, and slightly ahead on WS/48.

So it seems Love is better on the offensive boards, and a better three-point shooter. Lee is a better shooter inside, and passer.

I understand that some of the stats will be affected by pace, teammates, game situation, and opposition. But I am Kahncerned about not only the wisdom of paying David Lee a significant amount of money (when Love is already on the team, and whose value has been verified by Rambis in the offseason), but what part any signing might have in the legendary Other Shoe to Drop.

The always-reliable New York Post has said that if the Wolves reach an agreement with Lee, he'll be part of a sign-and-trade that will send Al to Golden State, Monta Ellis to the Knicks, and Lee to the Wolves. I'm fine with this in a vacuum, as it makes sense for the teams and players involved (well, except for Golden State, but, you know . . . ).

But what is the upshot for the Wolves? Will Love, Lee, Darko, and Pek over-over-duplicate each other again and again and again? Could Love be going to another team, perhaps the Knicks? Or maybe Portland for the long-rumored acquisition of Rudy Fernandez? How about being included in the deal for Lee, and the Wolves get Randolph back from Golden State?

What do you think is going on here?

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