To Lee, or not to Lee? That is the question...

In my first ever Canis Hoopus post I will discuss why the Timberwolves are infatuated with David Lee, and whether or not the team should find a way to bring him to the team via sing-and-trade.  I've noticed from other posts that T-Wolf nation seems to be divided on whether we need him or not.  

Depending on who the Wolves receive in an almost certain Al Jefferson trade, the Wolves will be lacking depth up front.  The recent signings of Darko Milicic and Nikola Pekovic have helped shore up the Center position, but left a hole at Power Forward with only around $5 million left in cap space.  Lee is a player who will most likely be paid in the $8--$10 million range wherever he ends up going.  This creates a dilemma for the Wolves, whose only way to acquire Lee is via sign-and-trade.  Multiple sources have reported the Lee and Kahn had a very productive meeting with one another, and we all know that Kahn just wants to pull the trigger on a deal.




The main criticism about this ordeal has been that Lee doesn't really fill a glaring need on the roster.  I'll be the first to admit that he doesn't really fill a need for the club, and that his style of play is eerily similar that of another Power Forward, Kevin Love.  If the club does end up getting Lee it could make Kahn look like either a hero or a zero.  While most would lean towards labeling Kahn as a zero there are plenty of reasons that adding Lee could make the team much better.  Let's break down the Pros and Cons of acquiring Lee



  • Does whatever he can to get to the basket and score.  If you opened a dictionary there would be a picture of him next to the word hustle.
  • Establishes great position for rebounding.  Among the leading rebounders in the league last season, especially on the offensive end.
  • Can score using both left and right hands (he is a lefty)
  • Great passer and can run the floor well.
  • Great overall pick-and-roll player, rolls hard to the basket and always tries to dunk with authority.
  • His effort and improving athleticism makes him a solid defender.
  • Doesn't get too many blocks or steals, but will always play help defense and try to wreak havoc on his opponent.       
  • Team Player
  • Will produce great numbers           
  • Will bring toughness to a relatively soft front court                                                                                                                                                                     


  • Style of play too similar to that of Kevin Love
  • Not as polished offensively as Love
  • Not a great back to basket defender
  • Can tire himself out of games because of his nonstop hustling
  • Less than stellar basketball IQ
  • Playing in Mike D'antoni's fast paced offense overinflated his value as a free agent.
  • Not an elite shot blocker

This is not a complete analysis of Lee, but more so a summary of his strengths and weaknesses.  After reading over everything I looked up on Lee I would have no problem with bringing Lee to Minnesota.  This could actually turn out to be a great decision by David Kahn to bring the team up to at least 30 wins, if not more next season.  If we choose not to Lee there had better be good reasoning behind it, or Kahn better bring in another player of Lee's caliber.  If we choose to Lee, you all better save the date for when Lee can destroy his former team at MSG.  It would be quite a sight to see if he were able to repeat this feat against the man who is replacing Lee...

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