How this roster looks; a solid foundation

          Good basketball is fast paced and smooth.  It's, like your old middle school basketball told you, like a full court weave.  While I'm not ignorant enough to believe that running a weave is going to win games in the NBA, I mean that at the core of the game, basketball is a team game.  

          Then NBA is flashy and now days we have a superstar dominated league.  GM's try to build a team around one guy.  Like how we tried to get the right guys around KG.  The way the Calves tried to get the right guys around Lebron James,  Like how the Miami heat let go of nearly everyone on their roster to buy the two biggest names around to create good basketball.  Now of course, I am not ignorant enough to say that Bosh, Wade and James will not win a bunch of games, in fact I believe they will be very fun to watch.  But I do believe that good basketball cannot simply be bought.  (Unfortunately for baseball fans the Yankees continue to prove that you can buy good baseball).  Who is going to back off in Miami?  Who is going to facilitate that offense? or will there be flow, or will the Big three just look for isolation all game long.  

          Never before has there been such a prolific free agent class in the NBA than this summer.  For some teams, it was time attempt what the Heat made successful.  But for the grand majority of the league, building a team in free agency isn't much of an option.  So some of them, teams in the middle of the pack, who win some games and loose some games,  Try to build around there guy, there "big ticket" in order to make a playoff run.  Yet some other teams don't even have that guy.  

I think we all know who I'm talking about

          David Kahn came to the wolves at rock bottom, well almost.  There was no complete player to "build the team around".  Big Al could do it offensively, but struggled on defense.  The best option was to start from square one. David Kahn has done this.  I believe, we are now at the beginning.  Well, I guess, drafting Ricky Rubio might have been the beginning, but we can pin point the actually beginning later.  The wolves need to build a team.  They don't have someone to build around.  They don't have one hole that needs patching up.  David Kahn needed to build from the ground up.  In fact I think he needed to dig for the foundation.

          This offseason has filled the foundation.

          We are now looking at a depth chart that looks like this:

PG: (Rubio)/Ridnour/Flynn/Telfair?

SG: Johnson/Webster/Brewer/Ellington/Hayward/Ridnour

SF:  Beasley/Webster/Tolliver/Johnson/Brewer/Hayward/(Bejica)

PF: Love/Beasley/Tolliver/(Bejica)/Pekovic

C :  Milicic/Pekovic/Tolliver/Love


This stacks up to:

PG: (Eurostash Lottery Pick) - Lottery pick - Solid Veteran - First Rounder

SG: Lottery Pick - Lottery Pick - Lottery Pick - First Rounder - Solid Veteran

SF: Lottery Pick - Lottery Pick - D League Baller - Lottery Pick - Lottery Pick - First Rounder - (eurostash lottery talent)

PF: Lottery Pick - Lottery Pick - D League Baller - (eurostash lottery talent) - Lottery Talent

C  : Lottery Pick - Lottery Talent - D League Baller - Lottery Pick


That looks like a lot of potential.

One more good thing about this line up is that there is only one head case, and about one diva.  

The head case is Michael Beasley, we all know his story.  

And the diva is a combo of Ricky Rubio (he's a diva but he's not here yet) and Kevin Love, who is only half diva.  


Each and everyone of these other guys, seems ready and willing to work hard.  

It appears as if the talent is there.  I think this is a very solid base.  It seems like out of this, some star player could arise.  Or at least some walls can be built up, until we can patch it up with some good moves in the future.  






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