Charley Rosen: America's Favorite Sportswriter With An IQ Below 70


This man annoys the hell out of me.  I consider him to be a huge crackpot that thinks that LeBron James is an 'average' NBA player or that Chris Paul is overrated.  His most recent mailbag response to a certain question was the final straw:


If you had the power to change the rules of the game, what would you do? — Evan Afaghi


All of the following:

• Reinstate hand-checking to put more defense in the game.

• Institute the international no-goaltending regulation that puts a ball up for grabs once it hits the rim. This would reduce the mayhem in the lane, make boxing out critical and reward hustle and athleticism.

• Put two refs on high chair (like tennis officials) and make them solely responsible for three-second calls, basket interference, lane violation on free throws and questionable ball-rim-contact when the shot clock goes off.

• Keep the basket where it is but make the court six feet longer and six feet wider. The bodies are much bigger than ever before and have outgrown the traditional dimensions of the court itself.

• Eliminate foul-outs by adding one free throw to the normal penalty whenever a player exceeds the six-foul limit. This would introduce another dramatic and controversial end-game strategy for coaches to consider.

• Require refs to make their calls when a violation occurs and not wait until an easy shot misses before tooting their tooters.

• Follow the NFL in allowing each coach to demand TV reviews of two plays per game. As in the NFL, a review that upholds a call costs the protesting team a timeout.

• Increase the minimum age at which a player can be drafted to 20.

• Reduce the regular season by 10 games and thereby eliminate back-to-back contests.

• Have the referees huddle and vote on all charge-flop calls.

 Give refs lie-detector tests after each game.

There is only one rule I am for sure ok with (hand checking) and one that I would be on edge about (no-goaltending).  Besides those, everything he would do would only slow down the pace of the game, cost the NBA money, and put too much pressure on referees to make the correct call all the time.  They're only human, and a lie detector test would only bring bad publicity to the league.  I don't know if it's just me that has a big problem with him, or if it really is him being so stupid, which is why I created the poll below.  Now I would like to hear your feedback, and what you think about Charley Rosen.


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