Rubio's blog: Now In Turkey

translated from rickyrubio9  

Hello to Everyone!

We are in Turkey! And what an atmosphere you live here. Everyone is focused on the World Championship. We left this morning at 7:30 from Barcelona, those who are from there, we reunited at 10:00 with all the others in the airport of Bajaras and we caught a plane to Turkey. This afternoon we trained a bit. What desire I have for day 28 to come, for everything to start, THE OBJECTIVE starts, the dream of being champions of the WORLD!!

The last weekend we were in Madrid and we played against Lithuania and USA.

On Friday against Lithuania we won by about 20, although we did not start very well but in the end we let loose and we were able to win.

On Sunday came the final test before playing the first game of the Worlds, and what a test, against the favorite to win the World Cup, but we will try to avoid that. It was against USA and we lost by 1. In the match we started a bit nervous but as the minutes passed we put on the batteries and almost won. We had the last ball to win it, but Kevin Durant blocked my three and then Rudy's. The truth is, when I threw it I never would have thought it would end up being block but he has very long arms, it's incredible. I think Kevin Durant is a player who will go down in history, is one of the players who impressed me the most.

During the last quarter came the worst of the preparation. Calderon got injured and will not be in the Worlds. Calderon was unable to be in the European Championship last year in order to be healthy this year and when the time came, he breaks... We were all left screwed, but we will win this championship for him, because he deserves it and because he is a great example for me. As a player you all know him, but as a person is even more good if you met him. In his place Raul Lopez has been called, who was in last year. Raul I have to confess for me is an incredible talent, when he was young and I saw him play my eyes lit up, he has a lot but a lot of talent, surely will help us greatly.

After Madrid, they gave us two days off to be with the family and recuperate energy to face another 2 weeks outside home, if all goes well. I have to admit that most of the time I spent my time at the beach to recover a bit of color. It was a short brake but I took advantage of it very much.

I hope you'll all enjoy this World's, I will keep telling you little things during these days.

A hug

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