Dream/Lucky GM

The back-to-back world champion LA Lakers are a team that have kinda thrown traditional positions out the window and instead find players that fit the system.

I hope that Timberwolves head coach Kurt Rambis follows the Phil Jackson model that he saw in LA and creates the same kind of system in Minny. Granted there is no way we get a Kobe, he is a once in a lifetime baller, but he can continue to form a contending team that plays good team basketball in a system. This is where dream situations for the Timberwolves start happening.

Dream/Assumption #1 Ricky Rubio plays for the T-Wolves in 2011-2012. I see the maestro having a huge affect on our roster which has good BBIQ bigs in Love and Darko, and athletic players who can slash and spot up like Wes, Brewer, Webster. Also, Beasley is a nightmare for slower 4's and is able to jump out of the gym to grab an alley oop. 

So with the team remaining in tact and no huge trades, our line-up would be





I see that as a huge improvement over last seasons 15 wins, and this season just because the addition of Rubio and subtraction of Hollins/Stewie/Pavlovic/Jawai and other scrubs not worthy of NBA minutes not getting them. This year it's predicted that the Wolves will suck again, which leads into dream #2.

Dream #2 - Luck comes our way in the draft lottery. Harrison Barnes. This kid can hoop. He can score. He can defend. He can create his own shot. This means after this season we add both Ricky Rubio and Harrison Barnes. Two huge acquisitions and our draft picks finally start paying off.





Dream #3 - That line-up is solid, but the obvious place an improvement can be made is at C. There are two young restricted FA centers after next season. Marc Gasol and Joakim Noah. Personally I like Noah more and since this is my dream we get him because he likes the idea of getting passes from Ricky, not having to be relied upon for points because we have Barnes, not needing to worry about being a beast on the glass because of KLove. He can focus on what he likes to do. Good, Physical, Pestering, Hustle defense. It's been said here on CH that people view Ricky and Wes both as plus defenders. Love hustles but his athleticism leaves something to be desired. I've been watching highlights of Barnes and he is only playing Highschool kids, so the jury is out. Noah is a good defender who put in this line-up would have a bunch of players who hustle and are long, good defenders. Also if you put somebody like Brewer in we would have even more size and hustle/help defense.

Lineup for 2011-2012






I didn't even have to mention a Melo trade in this either! Then the world ends in 2012 because of the Mayan prediction and we don't end up with a championship, but we have a good beginning of the season.

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