One Fan's Take From Timberwolves Media Day

The Timberwolves were kind enough to invite a handful of season ticket holders (including myself and Tim Allen) to attend Media Day and interview some of the players from the fan perspective.

Now, some random notes, along with links to some of the videos I shot.


  1. Corey Brewer interview- I get him to tell off my buddy who bet me that Brandan Wright would be a better player.

    Mike Beasley interview- Are we interviewing Mike Beasley, or is he interviewing us?  Hear how he's "MisunderStud".

    Darko Milicic interview- Why he came back, and the potential psychological similarities he shares with Minnesotans.

    I'll add links to more videos as I get them uploaded.

  2. Random Twolves fact from Media Day: Luke Ridnour attended wedding of a friend in Faribault 2 summers ago & went boating on Lake Minnetonka.
  3.  Random Fact: Michael Beasley and Twolves camp invite DeMarr Johnson are Godbrothers.

  4. When asked what he thought about Twolves publicly stating they won't win a title, Martell Webster said goal is to make the playoffs.
  5. Michael Beasley says he's been playing a lot more golf since he got to MN. Be Easy, Mike Beasley.

  6. I tried to get Kurt Rambis to rename his offense "The Octagon" so media would stop obsession over "The Triangle", but he didn't bite.
  7. I asked Kevin Love to make a bold prediction that he'd lead the NBA in rebounds. His answer- "You said it, not me!" 
  8. Luke Ridnour looks like your next door neighbor who's an insurance adjuster. Most "average joe" looking NBA player of last decade.

  9. Darko and Pek are both listed as being from Serbia, but they hadn't met until yesterday. Seems weird.

  10. Darko, Pekovic and Koufus look like 3 cousins at a family reunion. A VERY BIG family reunion. 

  11. Martell Webster is a well-spoken, composed gentleman. 

  12. Another lesson from Twolves Media Day- they are WAY ahead of most pro sports teams as far as openness and connecting with their "clients."

  13. I connected with Darko on an emotional level. No, seriously. We had a moment. 

  14. My biggest regret of Twolves Media Day: Not getting to ask David Kahn if he wanted to punch Bill Simmons in the face.

  15. The star of Twolves Media Day? Michael Beasley.
  16. I can't believe I buried the lead. I heard that VERY, VERY good sources in Cleveland confirm that Delonte West DID sleep with Lebron's Mom.
  17. Also, I was told that most of the really good/bad dirt on DeMarcus Cousins never saw the light of day.  And, apparently, there is a LOT of it.  I was Pro-Cousins, so even if this is exaggerated, it makes me feel a little better.
  18. I asked Telfair where he thought LeBron was going to end up.  He said if he went anywhere, he thought it would have been Chicago, but was sure he would go back to Cleveland.  Telfair said James is a great teammate.
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