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New good Timberwolves blog, everyone should go and check it out for solid Wolves opinions, or just to disagree with the author and have healthy debates which is always fun. Here is the most recent post:

This is the first time all year that I have actually found myself getting bored with this club. A friend and I were talking about what the over/under that Kurt Rambis is fired by the end of the season: I said 40 percent chance he's gone at the end of the season. That seems a little high now that I think about it. Khan really believes in Rambo and for him to be canned mid-season would be fairly surprising. So I will change my prediction: I think there is a 40 percent chance that Rambo will be fired before the start of next season. There is far too much at stake for this franchise to keep Rambis around if the results don't start to come. Love and he don't see eye to eye, Rubio coming next season, draft picks busting all over the place (part of this can be attributed to Khan's drafting, however it's pretty clear at least in Flynn's case he is being mismanaged).

I like Kurt Rambis, and I think that Kevin Love, Michael Beasley and Darko have all played extremely well under him which is a positive sign. Corey Brewer has developed under Rambis too. I think in terms of "talent management" he's got it down, but the in game stuff, the not consistent rotations, the poor play calling late in game, the questionable defensive scheme he is not there yet.

Like any young player, they need to be allowed to make mistakes and I think that should also remain true with Kurt, however the coach has a much shorter leash than the players. I think it's fair to say if we don't top 20-23 wins he should easily be on the hot seat.

This team is literally a ball-handler away from being a 30 win team I believe though. While that isn't saying much, it's a giant step up. If they had a guy to properly manage those tight situations the team often finds themselves in late in games, they would probably have 4-6 more wins this season.

So I'm putting Kurt's job on Khan. If he likes his coach so much he has to go get a ball-handler. Jerryd Bayless and OJ Mayo have been two popular names and I would sign off on either. Sure handed ballers who are able to both score and distribute and are also both tough as nails defensively.

This team has a front court you can win with. Darko, Love and Beasley is a playoff caliber front court, no question. But it's the guard play that will determine how far a team goes.

It really is a shame Johnny Flynn has fallen so far. The guy has borderline regressed since being here, his first game as a Wolf was so promising. He's not a terrible shooter, he can hit the open shots. He has a good handle, and is super fast. Those are good qualities

Well lets hope the Wolves don't snooze away the second half of the season. They have the talent to win, and I believe they can get to about the 22+ mark still, which would be about where they would need to be for the season to not be a failure.

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