My view from 118 row F and game wrap

I'll break down what I saw tonight.  What a game!  What a dribble by Darko?  What shooting by Klove!  Was that a closeout on a shooter?  Was that actually closing a game?

First of all I would like to thank my parents for getting me these tickets for Christmas.  Also I apologize to all of row F for turning down the Klondike bar challenge.  One kid smuggly said you ******* after finding out that the whole row would've gotten ice cream.  I wonder if I would have had to wear a Wizard costume even though I'm a wolve's fan.  Oh well I guess I won't do anything for a Klondike bar.

Sorry I didn't include any pictures that camera is in the car and I am lazy (and the Target Center is aweful for cameras)

3 Awesome things happend pregame. 

1.  Sam Cassell was shooting around before the game.  Enough said.

2.  There was a high school pep band playing right next to us.  That's awesome, pep bands are great.

3.  My wife thought Nick Young was a random kid shooting with the team (the Wizards having the same away color also threw her off)

We looked awful in streches tonight especially when the second unit decided to jack up 8 mid-range jump shots in a row.

For the most part I thought the D was good.  Wall looked terrible and Brewer did a great job on young.

Wall looked like he was shooting jumpers against West Virginia's zone.  Ha! (I hate Calipari)

Later in the game the wizards ran out a backcourt of Kirk, Wall, and Young.  That is a short 1-3

The half time show was funny full contact musical chairs!  The hippity hop dace team was also pretty cool.

I saw my friend Buck (I think it was Buck) on the big screen.

There were two drunk business men leading Sweet Carloline.  TimAllen was that you?

Alas no kiss cam this game someday...

Johnny looked slow tonight.   He did not look great on the pick and role or anything offensively (or defensively) the crowd cheered in the fourth when Luke reported to the scorers table.

Speaking of Luke, Heck of a game!  His timely threes and good passing (including a few flashy ones) were amazing.

Corey Brewer was just what we needed on D he even swished a J!  His two steals on the inbound plays were crafty.  He pretty much won us this one. 

Wayne and Webster did a great job picking up the scoring without the great 8 in the game.  Ellington had the clutch corner 3 in the 4th that really sealed it.  Those two W's sure helped us get the W.

One W that was absent was Wes.  Did they say anthing about being injured?  He barely played tonight.  I thought the few shots he took were good looks.

Pek and Tolliver were serviceable.  Pek seems to get frustrated when he gets position, but then does not recieve the ball until he has already taken up his time in the paint.  He also knocked a guy down by barely touching him.  He was called for a foul.  A fan sitting next to me said, "Great acting job."  I don't think there was any acting just Pek showing mercy and holding back.  Tolliver missed a few jumpers early in the shot clock.  I'll give him those he has a sweet stroke.  For the record Pek does not have super small hands (unless they lie in the outline of the hand on the ball thing)

Darko was great.  He had a big stuff to help us close the game.  The behind the back dribble drew as much applause as the basket itself.  I was worried he would miss it after the crowd got so excited.  He also had a thundering dunk.  He also got doubled a lot on the block.

We also had a guy named Kevin Love playing tonight.  We saw what an offense looked like when it was run through him.  It looked passable.  He made a lot of 3's.  He also did a great job closing out on Lewis on a three late in the game and then making a contested 3 on the other end.  I thought Lewis was the type of player that was supposed to give Love trouble?  He only had 11 rebounds.  I was disapointed in him %

It was great when a wizards player ( I forget which one) fouled one of our guys and protested the call.  Many in the stands called for the T.  It was great. 

Coach K(urt Rhambis) did a good job tonight.  We had multiple out of bounds plays and he had the right guys in to take the lead and keep it at the end.  He stuck Wayne's hot hand which worked.  He went small a little bit and kept Koufas out of the game. 

We again kept with the strategy to score more than 100 and keep them under 100.  This is a brilliant plan.  Obviously Kahn's brian child (or something like that).  This is a formula we should stick with for continued success no matter how much the deck is shuffled.  I hope both red and blue pills can come together for that plan.

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