Some midseason thoughts

Because this team isn't going to get it done and that pick we shipped  off to the clippers is gone next year, the wolves have to do something now. So we need to figure out what this team needs and what it would take to get there. I have a few ideas and I'm curious what some of you think about it.

I'm going to make some assumptions too, first is Rambis isn't going to get fired. I do think he has done a poor job of creating a system for his team these past two years, rather he has tried making his players conform to the system (which hasn't worked). And second is that kahn is making Rubio the focal point of our team next year. So here I go.

I'm starting with a 3 team trade with washington and new york:

Knicks get: Mcgee, Ridnour

Wolves get: Hinrich

Wizards get: Randolph, brewer

Hinrich is one of the better defensive guards in the league (our pg's are the worst in the league) he's a veteran that can help mentor rubio like luke was going to do, and he can play sg when need be. He does cost more than Ridnour did but he will be an upgrade nonetheless. The wiz pick up somebody that will run the floor with with wall in brewer and a more versatile front court player that won't try to fight andre blatche. The knicks get a back up pg and big man they covet.

That is my first step towards a more defensive oriented team without hurting our currently much more offensively set team (much more fun to watch than last year may I add). My second thought is one that I believe will gain a lot of criticism, but here I go. A front court pairing of Kevin Love and Michael Beasely I believe is the WORST idea we can talk ourselves into for the long term. They are both awesome in their own respect and are having career years...but... kevin love is a horrible defender and beasely is even worse. Kevin love makes up for some of it by being the best rebounder in the league, beasely makes up for some of it by being the best pure scorer on our team.

With that said, my thoughts on the matter are we have to trade one to make this team even a playoff caliber team. We can't win enough games with those two guys being our best players but such garbage defenders. My personal opinion would be to keep Love because his talents are more intangible in my eyes - rebounding, passing, leadership, scoring. Beasely, TO ME, just doesn't have the leadership or basketball IQ, though he is an awseome scorer. Also, his stock is soring. Who would you keep of the two and what would you require in a trade for the other? Or do you think Beasley and love can carry this team to stardom, and if so, what do we need to do with the rest of the roster? Here I go with my idea:

Philly gets: Beasley, Ellington, utah or memphis 1st rounder, maybe toss in one of our euro players too

Wolves get: Iggy

Would this get it done? Might not, but they get a pick and good player back and save a lot of money. Iggy does have a high salary, but he is an awesome wing defender and a good scorer. This year isn't that great for him, but the last two were and I blame Doug Collins for that. Think about this lineup next year:

Starters: Rubio, Webster, Iggy, Love, Darko

Bench: Flynn, Hinrich, Wes, Tolliver, Pek, (+ throw in your choice of our top 4 pick and the late pick here too.)

I don't trade flynn because kahn spent a high pick on him, he's still young and recovering, and his stock is at an all time low so let's see what he can do. I don't trade pek for the same reason. Also, I'm putting webster into the starting lineup because he is a better scorer and defender than wes (right now anyway). I think wes will be more of an all around player once he gets another year under his belt though

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