Another recipe: Bean dip

OK, another game went by without a recipe, and we lost. After a recipe post and a win in the previous game. I'm thinking if we had a recipe post on Monday, it might have tipped the balance, so here is another recipe.

This is for bean dip. It is primarily Mexican with maybe a bit of different flavor. Great with chips while watching a game. Also good as a leftover -- heat up some small flour tortillas, heat up the leftover bean dip in a microwave, smear on a tortilla and roll it up. If you add some chopped tomato and maybe some cheese, even better. If you have some leftover bacon, put it in the tortilla wrap, or some Chorizo sausage or even Jimmy Deans, helps too.

This is made from canned refried beans, and it tastes a lot less processed than the bean dip you buy in the chip section of the grocery store.

1 Can of refried beans -- can be any kind, including refried black beans.

1 Onion, chopped

1 packet of shredded cheese, I use a Mexican mix, but jack cheese or colby, cheddar, Swiss all works too.

1 chopped Jalapeno pepper, or maybe two depending on taste.

1 handful of raisins

Spices: Cumin, chile powder, cinnamon, add your favorites.

1 beer, partially consumed.

First, brown the onions in olive oil or butter. When they begin to show a bit of brown on the edges, toss in the raisins. Add half the chopped jalapenos

Spice up the onions while browning with cumin & chile powder.

Open the can of refried beans & dump in the pan.

When the refried beans begin to bubble (it will be slow, like mud letting off a bit of steam) add half the shredded cheese. Stir it up a bit so the cheese melts into the refried beans. 

When it bubbles again, add a few ounces of beer & stir some more. I consider beer to be a particularly fine version of vegetable broth, so up to this point, this is a vegetarian recipe, maybe even vegan :o)

If you want, prepare recipe beforehand to this point and do the rest at game time

When it bubbles again, put from pan into an oven dish. Sprinkle remaining cheese over top and slip into the oven. If you like hot spicing, add some chopped jalapeno on top of the cheese. It will melt down into the cheese layer in the oven. Oven can be a hot temperature or even broil if you are impatient, but a slower oven (350) if you are reheating.

Save the leftovers, if there are any, for tortilla rollups with reheated bean dip. Excellent.

Optional: If you crave meat, chop up 2 - 4 slices of bacon, and fry up the bacon bits before starting the onion. Let the onion cook in the bacon fat. 

If anyone asks you if this recipe is any good, tell them you will give them a REPORT in the morning.

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