Tanking or planning?

In light of recent discussions about the possibility of the wolves "tanking' it and the significant amount of money the wolves are below the cap a thought came to my mind. What effect does the future lockout have on the wolves plans? This is a thought that many people may under estimate. It is a fact that the NBA owners want to implement a hard cap. A hard cap unlike the current soft cap means that for no reason can a team go over the set amount of money that they have to spend. If they do, they will be forced to cut players until they are under, or I believe lose any games they would play. When the NFL implemented its hard cap in 1993 it gave teams one chance to cut players to get their money under the current level. Legally the team was still obligated to pay the player, but that money did not count against the cap. If that player signed else where for less money then the team was obligated to pay the difference. It is a very financially painful process for a team. Now no one know the level of what the hard cap would be so I won't speculate other than to say that it will be at a level that allows most NBA teams to make money. The cap also comes with a salary floor. The NBA cap will most certainly be below the current cap at 57 million. This becomes more painful when you look at the salaries of current teams

as examples

Boston: 83 million                                        Dal: 86 million

NJ: 57 million                                               Hou: 71 million

NY: 56 million                                               Mem: 65 million

Phil: 68 million                                             NO: 63 million

Chi: 51 million                                              SA: 68 Million

Cle: 51 million                                             Den: 82  Million

Det: 65 million                                              Min: 40 million

Ind: 63 million                                               Por: 67 million

Mil: 68 million                                               okc: 55 million

Atl: 67 million                                               Utah: 74 million

CHa: 65 million                                          GS: 65 million

Orl: 88 million                                               LAC: 52 million

Wash: 58 million                                         LAL: 91 million

PHO: 65 Million

SAC: 42 million

These numbers are beginning of the season estimates. I point this out because even if the cap were placed at 60 million dollars that decimates all of the top teams in the league. There are only a handful of teams even remotely prepared for what is likely to come. Think about this when you realize that next season, after Ricky comes and we move into the offseason of a likely shortened year. The Twolves will have nearly 20 million to spend and the rest of the league will still be broke for years to come. 

Also, you can't field an NBA champ for less than 80 million dollars, although Miami is in good shape to challenge that. 

so Tanking, or planning? 

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