Pics from last night's game

It was a Wolves game like any other Wolves game. Darko got his first foul with 7:27 left in the first quarter, and his second foul 36 seconds later, leading to lots and lots of Koufos. But maybe I should start at the beginning.

The pre-game bench sit was better than I thought. For me, it was the price I paid for the seats (and excellent seats they were, just ten rows up behind the 2d half home basket, just enough off to the side so you could see around the basket). Throughout the sit Lauren was very informative, and had an answer for every question my guest and I had. Lauren, btw, is very concerned about what CHers think of her but she's masterful at what she does, with the Wolves being her third gig with a professional sports team. Not bad for a 24-year-old from the southern burbs.

The warm up was about what you'd expect, but in person it is truly amazing just how big Bill Lambeer is!



Sadly, that's the best picture I took all night as this photo of Darko and Love clearly proves:



I've watched all the games this season but one, and I have to admit that Kevin Love grabbing 19 boards just looks like an average night from him. No one really stood out during the game other than one monster dunk from Beazy (and one monster foul on him earlier that may have cut into his playing time as he went down hard from a great height).

Wes Johnson could not hit the broad side of a fish. Jonny tried way too hard and is looking less cheerful and more manic with each game back, not that Luke didn't make some boneheaded plays as well.

Pekovic didn't play, but I got a great picture of him during the warm up:



Traveling, of course, but he wasn't in the lane!

Truly, I had no idea how much Anthony Tolliver looks like the zombie version of Frankenstein:



And that's after I touched up the photo! But the worst was this shot:



That could be Beasely, then again it might not. I doubt FBI forensic scientists could unlock the identity of this shooter.

You'll just have to take my word for it that this is a picture of the introductions and team huddle and not an inappropriate image from the titty bar we went to afterwards.



OK, yeah, that really is from the team introductions and no, we didn't go to a titty bar afterwards as that would have been anti-climactic after watching the T-Wolves Dance Team, who give new meaning to the word "petite."

Only one picture from the actual game, but it captures the essence of the entire evening:



Yes, that's Corey Brewer bricking one of his nine shots, two of which he actually made (but not this one).

All in all, a wholesome evening's entertainment suitable for the whole family. In fact, one of the biggest highlights of the evening came when we were passed on the skyway at high speed by two preschool boys being pursued by their dad. We walked for a while with mom, expressing our sympathy in appropriate terms. I grew up as the oldest of three boys on a farm, and really, to this day, I'm surprised mom never threw any of us down the well.

An apt segué back to the Wolves, imho. What are we going to do with this team? It was great to have Tolliver back, and everytime I wasn't sure who was grabbing a board on the other end of the court it turned out to be Martell Webster, who really is a hard working dude. Most of the Wolves are, or at least appear to be to my untrained and out of shape eyes but this team is not meshing well and I gotta blame our guards. We need Ricky something awful.

Meanwhile, I need to work on my camera skills.

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