New Rotations and trade targets

I am taking a stab at a couple "tweaks" at the rotations to help the team. Mainly focusing on enhancing our defense. Also I will explore trade possibiities, because its fun and I can't stand to watch Johnny Flynn out there - so the only reason to play him (for my own sanity) must be to show he is healthy and to trade him.

I have been harsh on the triangle because I think the players get a little lost in it too often...and that we don't have the facilitators to make the cuts meaningful.  And our cutters don't really know how to get open yet anyway - which is my biggest coaching beef (changing speeds, rub the pick, etc.).  But we seem to score enough points on average so my tweaks are to enhance our defense in the rotations:


1- Bassy

2- Brewer

3- Beasley

4- Love

5- Darko


Okay, Bassy may be a stretch, but I think the Brewer move is obvious.  Bassy and Brewer are by far the best defensive backcourt we can play at the moment.  I think that we have enough scoring from Beasley and Love (and o-boards off of Brewer misses) in this rotation to make it a even-to-plus starting rotation on most nights.  Our interior D remains the same but perhaps with some ball pressure we can keep things a little more interesting and maybe we won't continue to get "lit up" by mediocore wing players...Brewer has to be our "misfit" with a purpose, getting into the faces of opposing wings and hopefully shoot less when we have Beasley and Love out there.


Okay 2nd unit:

1- Ridnour

2- Martell

3- Wes Johnson

4- Tolliver/Beasley

5- Kosta/Love


Okay, big change in second unit is Wes at the 3.  I think Wes needs to play at the 3 and not play with Beasley so much.  I think he will be more aggressive/assertive in this unit and the 3 which is his best defensive position as I think he gets lost with the 2's way too often.  Martell at the 2 is a solid defensive position IMO.  It would be nice to have either Beasley or Love on the floor at all times, and this should be possible with a Kosta/Tolliver breather at the 4/5.  I like Ridnour against the back-up PGs - that should work well in our favor.


Okay Trades:  Johnny must go. I am also okay with trading Wes Johnson or Corey Brewer.  If I were Kahn (I would have drafter Curry, but forget that...) I would target 4 players:  Gerald Wallace, Andre Iggy, Evan Turner or O.J. Mayo.

#1 - Wallace or Iggy....for Johnny, Brewer/Johnson and Utah 1st

#2 -  O.J. Mayo or Evan Turner...for Johnny and Utah 1st. ( I would not give up Brewer or Johnson for Mayo but maybe Turner)

Wallace and Iggy are arguably elite defenders (esp Wallace) at their positions and I believe "gettable" at this moment.  Evan Turner could be elite and is in the doghouse right now in Phily.  IMO, O.J. Mayo can play (although a little undersized) and be the third or fourth best guy on a playoff team - that is valuable for our team at the moment.  Our Defense gets better with each trade and I don't think our offense suffers much.


What do you think?

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