Who would you amnesty? (with poll)

Mornin' chaps. It's a good day to be a basketball fan. I'm interested to see how the t-pups play this year. In my impatience...and procrastination (work project), I have a went through what I believe to be current rosters and created a list of amnesty candidates. It was highly subjective, and I may have missed a guy here or there, or perhaps included a few people that most would agree there's no way in hell they get amnestied. Fine. Basically, I included anyone owed a significant amount of money either per year (for example, that's why Chauncey, Rip Hamilton and guys like Joe Johnson are on there), or as the sum total of their contract (like Linus Kleiza, Gilbert Arenas...and Joe Johnson). This is simply a list for discussion. Perhaps there is a future timberpuppy on this list? I was a bit harsh on the T-wolves (they have the most considerations) but I'm completely biased there.

Also, I haven't been polled in a while, so I thought I'd poll all you all :)

Eastern Conference Rationale
J.Johnson (Atlanta): they just signed him, but that contract is atrocious!
M.Williams (Atlanta): he might be the odd man out
J.O'Neal (Boston): captain knee surgery
N.Krstic (Boston): included in case they are trying for someone like Nene
C.Maggett (Charlotte): bad (contract + attitude)
D.Diop (Charlotte): yuck.
M.Carroll (Charlotte)
C.Boozer (Chicago): can't win in the playoffs with Boozer (plus, I think he's a douche)
A.Jamison (Cleveland): not likely, but it's still $14mil this year
B.Davis (Cleveland): how many fried twinkies has he ate over the extended off season?
A.Varejao (Cleveland): is his production worth the contract?
D.Gibson (Cleveland): yuck.
R.Hamilton (Detroit): has he lost his drive? or was last year about emotion?
B.Gordon (Detroit): Why Joe? Why?
C.Villanueva (Detroit): See previous comment.
(no one from Indiana): i didn't think anyone on this roster was worth it
M.Miller (Miami): do they need to dump him to go after Nene?
S.Jackson (Milwaukee): he was not happy about the trade.
B.Udrih (Milwaukee):
D.Gooden (Milwaukee): meh.
T.Outlaw (New Jersey): he has sworn he will be prepared this year. I don't think NJ cares.
C.Billups (New York): highly improbable, but it's still $14mil this year.
G.Arenas (Orlando): double yuck.
H.Tukoglu (Orlando): what ever he had, he needs to find again...soon
E.Brand (Philadelphia): ew.
A.Nocioni (Philadelphia): is he worth the cash?
J.Calderon (Toronto): 9 million in the last year. keep him or get it over with?

A.Bargnani (Toronto): this is just on principle.
L.Kleiza (Toronto): that's a lot of years left.
R.Lewis (Wizards): the (partial) reason for the clause
A.Blatche (Wizards): the poor man's Al Jefferson with a bad attitude. not good.

Western Conference
B.Haywood (Dallas): lots of years. It's Mark never really know...
A.Harrington (Denver): why was this contract even offered?
T.Mozgov (Denver): improbable, but...
D.Lee (Golden State): it appears from the interwebs that this won't happen.
A.Biedrins (Golden State): see above
C.Bell (Golden State): this appears likely.
H.Thabeet (Houston): give McHale a shot, or give up on him?
J.Flynn (Houston): well...i know how i feel about this one...
C.Kaman (Los Angeles): do they cut the cord and focus on a SF and their own player extensions?
M.Williams (Los Angeles): i'm just not a fan
L.Odom (Los Angeles): probably not
M. World Peace (Los Angeles): i don't even know what to put here
L.Walton (Los Angeles): did he sign a 10 year contract? WTF?
S.Blake (Los Angeles): just to go after someone else
R.Gay (Memphis) : wishful thinking...they played well without him...but he still has value
X.Henry (Memphis): attitude issues?
D.Milicic (Minnesota): i'm not pissing on that brush fire.
B.Miller (Minnesota): retiring?
N.Pekovic (Minnesota): i say we give him another year to see how he improves
M.Beasley (Minnesota): $6mil for a stoned gunner?

E.Okafor (New Orleans): i'm not sure he's worth that contract (but this is highly improbable)
J.Jack (New Orleans): if CP3 leaves, i bet he's gone. Can a league owned team even use the amnesty?
N.Robinson (Oklahoma City): only player on this team even worth considering
V.Carter (Phoenix): wow. $17mil this year.
J.Childress (Phoenix): ishkabibble.
H.Warrick (Phoenix): DID NOT replace Amar'e.
B.Roy (Portland): i can actually hear his knees grinding now.
J.Salmons (Sacramento): meh.
F.Garcia (Sacramento): meh.
R.Jefferson (San Antonio): does he fit in San Antonio?
A.Jefferson (Utah): there are rumblings they are trying to move him. what if no one bites?
M.Okur (Utah): last year and on a bad wheel. too many F/Cs on this squad....

Thoughts? Do you think any of the amnesty candidates could be a future t-pup?

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