Organizational Changes, according to Kahn today.

David Kahn was asked about how the organization works now at his press appearance. If you recall, when last we tuned in Tony Ronzone was a conspicuous departure – over "philosophical differences," or so we heard. (He was a utilitarian, and wanted to hire someone to perform routine utilitarian calculus on players; Glen Taylor is a hedonist. You just can't paper over these differences, people.)

Anyhoo, the questions and answers went like this:

Q: Is there a different dynamic in the front office?
DK: "We're a little thinner, but that's by design. We've streamlined certain things and we've also added some muscle in an area that I think we needed to add some muscle. Something that's been important to me throughout, but we finally are doing some things in the statistical area that I hope we were kind of even with the curve, but I think this will maybe even put us a little bit ahead of the curve. R.J. Adelman's going to serve a role as not only helping on the personnel side, but also will kind of manage all of our game preparation and then work directly with the coaching staff on that. In effect, I've sort of assigned the video staff to him. An advanced scout will report to him. There's one other person in our front office who will report to him. I think that having a unit of game preparation/player personnel preparation and a deeper analytic approach, but also not so analytic that it doesn't include the intuition part of the business as well and the character checks and all the other stuff that comes along with scouting. But I think that will help us. It's kind of a strange year for us in that we have so many players under contract as it is, and another rookie in addition to Ricky, in Derrick and Malcolm Lee, who we may have on the team. But we don't have much flexibility when you think of these other teams that maybe do have only five players under contract and have so much work to do. In our case, it's more pruning. Also, we don't have a pick as it stands right now for this next draft. That could change, of course. It usually does. Last year it changed a lot through the draft. I think that this year, my main focus has been on making certain that we have every resource necessary for the coaching staff, the medical staff and then as I said kind of beefing up the game preparation, analytical piece of the business that R.J. will have. So those will be our primary areas of focus this year as far as I see it."

Q: Who will take over college scouting?
DK: "Really, I don't want to say there isn't an identifiable person, because ultimately everything is me. I'm the one that has to be ultimately responsible for it. In addition to R.J., we have two or three really capable, confident younger people on our staff who have been with us now for a couple years who I think have bright futures in our business. Part of the methodology that I'm using is I'd like to provide them opportunities to develop and grow themselves. So by doing so, I've put one of them, Manny Rohan, as a scouting coordinator who's in charge of sort of the day-to-day management of the scouts. But we have many regional scouts. I think we have six around the country. They'll continue to report up all the way up through the scouting coordinator, then ultimately up to me. Another one, Matt Bollero, is reporting to R.J. on the game preparation/personnel side. I'm very high on our video staff. I think we have two really young, capable, confident people there who have abilities beyond just breaking down the film. So hopefully, this will be an interesting year, allow them to kind of blossom and we can see what they can do and see if we can create a path for them to have success with our organization."

Okay, so to me that reads like a bit of a rambling mess. College scouts report to Kahn, and he thinks we have six of them. He thinks so? Hopefully that's a turn of phrase thing, there. I do not see a clear set of organizational changes, and I don't see clear reporting relationships. Do you? Would anyone else care to decipher those answers?

It appears as though RJ Adelman is our front office hombre in charge of a few areas, among them the 'statistical area' that Kahn apparently just remembered he's been so concerned about....

And yes, it would be too easy to take "Ultimately, everything is me" out of context. He's taking responsibility, people. It's a good thing in principle.

(Edit: fixed wide table attributes in quoted section. Who'd 'a thunk a single static "width" tag would override the SBNation template?)

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