Am I on something or on to something?

On one of the DThrill posts (or all of them) the topic of what to do with the Thriller comes up often as it is a strongly contested debate whether he will ever be anything but a PF in the NBA.

I do believe he'll be able to eventually play SF but being the open minded bball mind I am I have been considering what we should do in the event Thriller can only play PF and one of the options is obviously to move him. As long as he is good I don't believe his value will go down, just because he is only a 4, like Ebomb has suggested (however if he's bad his value will go down obviously). So I think you play it out at least till the trade deadline to see how Beasley and Williams and Love all work together and who can do what, and what they're NBA strength's and skills are.

Now the player this situation oddly reminds me of is James Harden. He's a guy who could probably be the leading scorer and go-to guy on all but about 8 teams in the NBA and happens to play on a team that had two established go-to guys before he got there. His team has valued a lock-down defensive player like Sefalosha instead of Harden (who isn't a bad defensive player at all....lock down would not be how I would describe him though) and he has been relegated to a bench role.

OKC has been a team who always is rumored to be looking for post scoring so I am wondering if this is a trade they might be interested in

Williams/Wes/Ridnour for Ibaka/Harden.

There might need to be something else on our end like a protected first round pick (that never can be a lottery pick), or Randolph or Pek or something. And I know there will be plenty of people that will say "you're not getting James Harden for our trash" which I think is a little pessimistic about the talent we'd be giving up as both Wes and Williams were highly regarded prospects (even if Wes was taken a pick or two high, pretty much everyone had him as a top 7 prospect in the 2010 draft, same with Williams even if he was the 2nd pick in a bad draft it's not like people think he is a bad prospect...just not necessarily equivilent with normal 2nd picks)

Williams would give them low-post scoring they've been looking for

Wes would give them a swing man that can hit open shots and play defense and doesn't need the ball in his hands to contribute (which I'm sure Westbrook would appreciate)

Ridnour would give them a very competent back-up pg to pair with Westbrook and let him move to 2 from time-to-time

I think this is a legit move that OKC would be interested in, however I doubt Kahn has the ability or foresight to make it happen.

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