Season Predictions -- Open Thread (With Poll!)

This may have been done before and it may be done closer to the start of the season, but let’s do it anyways. Unbridled enthusiasm go!

Post your predictions on the season for record, ROY, Wolves’ most improved player, starting line-up, biggest surprise, biggest disappointment…whatever you’d like to predict, NBA-related or not. I’ll get us started.

I almost titled this 'Season Predictions -- Open Threat (With Pole!)', which has a frightening subtext.

ROY – I think the debate will be between Irving, Williams, Rubio, and Walker. Rubio won’t score enough and have too many turnovers (regardless of leading all rookies in assists). Walker has a pretty crappy supporting cast and isn’t a good shooter. While Williams is the most ‘NBA-ready’ and most likely the best long-term player of the draft, his minutes may be limited by our PF logjam. If he breaks into the starting line-up or if Irving is injured and/or we trade Beasley, Williams will be the ROY. If not, Irving will take the honors.

Wolves’ Most Improved Player – Randolph. Randolph, Webster and Johnson are the most likely to benefit from Adelman as coach and a visionary PG who likes to lob the ball at the rim.

Wolves’ Biggest Surprise – Johnson. I think Wes will really come into his own this year and be allowed to show off the full extent of his game. I also think Flynn will do pretty well as a back-up point for Houston under McHale, so I might be crazy.

Wolves’ Biggest Disappointment – Beasley. Yeah! Dude could be our leading scorer, our Durant, or he could slide down the bench more and more every time he chooses to not play D or jack up a long 2 after burning 20 seconds off the shot clock staring at his defender . I’d love to see Beas rock the samurai hair and play like a samurai, but my gut tells me his immaturity, his apparent lack of commitment, and the plentiful PF replacements mean he’s destined to see his role and minutes diminished.

Starting Line-up / First Subs

C – Hayes (we reportedly made him an offer. With our young roster, a guaranteed starting position at center, and Adelman as coach, I think we are his best choice, and vice-versa for that matter) / Pekovic

PF – Love / Randolph

SF – Beasley / Williams (yeah, both out of position. Whatevs)

SG – Webster / Johnson

PG – Rubio / Ridnour

I expect a lot of interesting line-ups and a lot of defensive switching as we try to figure out our best line-ups. In the end, I expect to see Love alongside Randolph as C/PF pretty frequently. In fact, my dream line-up of a bunch of athletic, young dudes flying through the air catching Rubio dimes and KLove half-court passes:

C – Love

PF – Randolph

SF – Williams

SG – Johnson

PG – Rubio

Final Record – In a regular season, I hate predicting that the Wolves win less than 30 games, even though they always do. So even in this shortened season, I’ll stick by my irrational trend and predict the Wolves will finish at a respectable 30-36 with an outside chance of making the playoffs as the Western conference continues to lose talent to the east and/or ages.

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