The Corey Brewer drinking game needs a replacement. (With poll)

Two years ago I played my very own Corey Brewer drinking game. Not that I drank drank, most of the time. That might have gotten out of hand, given my rules, which went roughly like:

Whenever Corey Brewer exhibits the wildly inconsistent play that makes him so special, drink!

(If he does something extremely extra-special, attempt to throw the drink down in such haste that you spill on yourself instead.)

Imbibing every time Corey tried a layup off the wrong foot, or stole the ball and then promptly turned it over in his excitement, could have challenged the staunchest liver. Throughout the season, I did things like eat an M&M, or sip Holly Nog, or break a walnut, to mark the "drink!" moments. The point was the moment of recognition.

Corey and his goat are being fitted for rings just now – presumably the goat's will be a nose ring? do you do that for goats? – so I'm fishing around for new ritual games to play while watching a Wolves game.

Won't you help me choose?

A couple of these seem like runaway winners to me. What am I missing?

Possible Game #1: When Rick Adelman recognizes the obvious, drink!

This one would need to play as a contrast with certain past head coaches. When Adelman goes to two point guards alongside each other because they're the best backcourt options he's got, sip your mulled cider. When Wesley Matthews is coming open outside and Adelman calls a timeout to staunch the defensive bleeding, toss a quarter-cup of blueberries into that smoothie and blend.

As with the Brewer game, this is pretty danged subjective. Certain obvious things can be recognized and dealt with in a number of different, sometimes odd, ways.

That's a good thing. If you really were to throw back a shot every time Rick Adelman's coaching acumen surpassed that of Kurt Rambis.... As Ailuridae said elsewhere, he might actually die.

Possible Game #2: When Ricky Rubio puts a bit of Catalans on the ball, drink!

More concrete, still open to some interpretation, and by gum this seems like fun. When young Ricky Blonde turns his hand into a cobra to misdirect the defense, quaff your Surly.


Possible Game #3: When Derrick Williams looks like he was worth it, drink!

Depending on what you think of #7, this could skew too far in either direction. Maybe it should be something concrete, like dunks or threes made?

Possible Game #4: when Ricky makes a great pass that isn't an assist but that clearly leads to a basket, drink!

Thus we celebrate the pass that leads to a pass that leads to a basket.

Possible Game #5: When Kevin Love records more than one offensive board on a single possession, drink!

Possible Game #6: K-Love has his 10th board. Drink!

Once a game, but really isn't that fine for most of us? If it really was an actual drinking game, this is the one I'd do.

Possible Game #7: When Luke Ridnour launches a three he shouldn't have taken but it goes in, drink!

More of a wry thing as with Brewer, but dang if many of Luke's makes don't have me incredulous as they leave his hand. What are you doing so early in the sh-.... Oh yeah, Ridnour!

Possible Game #8: When JJ Barea's heart is bigger than his chest, drink!

Surely there are many other possibilities, though. "Micheal Beasley's a new man, eat a Skittle?" But wait, that's Derrick Rose!


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