Ideal Rotation

If the T-Wolves are to win big games they need to have a solid 8-9 man rotation of players. That said, this season with back-to-back-to-back games a deeper bench will also help a lot. However, the main contributors of the team should be that solid top 8-9 players. So this is my idea of the ideal line-up the wolves can put on the floor this year (assuming the roster stays as is)…

Starting Line-up


Lee *




First off the Bench:




Ninth Man (AT, Pek**, Luke, Ellington) – this is mainly matchup based on foul trouble, opponent matchups, or how well the rookies are contributing. If Rubio, DWill are struggling expect more Luke or AT. If Love or Darko are in foul trouble then more Pek. If we can get away with JJ at the two guard for a good chunk of the game – then Luke turns into the back-up PG.

*I don’t want to sound insane about a 2nd round pick, I just don’t think we have better options. I don’t think Lee is better than Wes, but I do think Lee is a better two guard option over Wes. I’m still holding out hope (hell, I’m a TWolves fan all I ever have is this endless belief in hope) that Martell can come back and be our starting 2 – in that case Lee falls to the 9th man rotation (and hopefully keep Ellington from ever seeing the floor).

** I am also interested when Miller gets back how the center rotation will work. I fully expect RA will want to get him involved – but I’m only think there is about 30 Minutes of time to split between the 3 players as Love or AT will take about the other 18.

Why the more traditional starting line-up (and not JJ, Rubio, and the 3 PFs starting – which I do think is out best lineup)…

Mainly I think Rick would like to settle on a starting rotation and a traditional one lets you always start off the game with the same group regardless of the other teams match-up. Then you can feel the game out, like a boxer looking for the weakness, and start adjusting the substitution pattern to exploit those.

This is where more homerism comes into play – I am very excited about the possibilities. I think this team has a lot of talent (somewhat duplicated talent). However has enough talent that going to the bench shouldn’t look like it did last night (scary what missing your top 2 PGs can do to a team). That said my biggest reason for excitement is Rick! He is that coach that I think will use the rosters strengths and try to exploit opponent’s weaknesses.

He can be a little mad scientist with the line-up. I think finding the right time in the game to go with the group of Rick, JJ, B-Easy, DWill, KLove is going to be critical to our success this year. I don’t think they can play 30 minutes a game together as a group. Some of the match-up issues on the other end, won’t allow that. Rick needs to find a way to get them on the floor for at least 15 – 20 minutes a game together though. This will allow this team to put some offensive spurts together. Buckets can come from anywhere with that line-up.

I’ll be going to the opener again this year. Unlike last year, I don’t expect to make my friend wait for me after the game. I refused to leave until I can shout at Rambis as he was entering the tunnel for costing us the opener last year. Not one of my prouder moments, but I blamed him for losing last season’s opener (remember the “arguably your best player” comments…)

Long time lurker – first time poster – but this team has got me pumped up to watch basketball again. I’m also glad to see I’m not the only crazy that can continually follow a team that has been as hapless as this one.

Let me hear you comments or thoughts on your ideas for a regular rotation.

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