MAYNHOLUP!'s Season Preview mayn!

Ayyy wuss poppin yall u alreddy kno whu it iz yung MAYNHOLUP back in da sota from cali mayn an dayummm yall im SO fuckin hyped about tanight im on mah way to de Target centa right now iss gon be hoppin iss gon be jumpin mayn iss gon be supa thowed i cant wait!

Mayn we all been waitin for dis day like dayum near three years now mayn im gettin like kind uv emotinal juss thinkin bout it mayn i love de wolves!

Alright yall deze are juss some thangs i been thinkin bout fo dis here season mayn check it

1. Kevin Love iz gonna be killllin suckaz dis year. I was worried bout his weight loss cuz we all saw what dat did to al, althou big al lost weight eating fuckin subway sandwhcihes that shit aint good fo you mayn, but maynnn k love looks like a franchise guy mayn no doubt about it give him 100 mil i dont care juss keep him in minny!! I even drafted him #2 overall in fantasy instead uv durant cuz i think hes gonna be that thowed dis year

2. Kahn went absolutely HAM dis offseason, shoutouts ta david kahn mayn i fucks wit you

3. I like barea mayn i cal dude mighty mouse dat lil mafucka can ball doe!

4. Wes johnson mayn u need ta step up an stop actin all btch like an scared on de court homie

5. Randolph need ta pass de ball lmao

6. Malcolm lee u lookin thowed juss step ya twitter game up

7. Mo den anything im SO hyped ta not have Jonny Fuckface Flynn on our team. I wuz even lookin at doze crazy advanced stats an all and mayn dat guy really did have de worst season ever right? I like how he even had a tweet earlier dis year about all de haters in minnesota lmao ay jonny stop tweetin bout angelina jolie movies and fuckin work on yo game bitch!!! Rambis an flynn yall i hope i neva see yall again an if u redu dis jonny juss pass de ball homie it aint dat hard

8. fuckin RUBIO maynnnnnn!!!!!!! Dat dude iz a based god right now mayn ay Ricky we gon get thowed one night an eat doze tamales at mercado central on lake street i bet if he knew bout doze he woulda come here two years ago mayn!

Ill see yall at de game mayn ima be de wun stumblin yellin ay ricky wuss poppin mayn! 1 love yall, lessss git it!!

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