Thoughts About OCK Game & Bucks Tonight

So, I made a post before last nights game, and I think it said some good stuff, but it got 0 comments. What's up with that? Was it too long?

I just want to recap what I said. The six things I was looking for last night:

#1 - I wanted to see team defense & and saw a shadow of it. A lot of the time they rotated really well. In the end Scott Brooks just formed an offense that really does a great job putting the guys he has on the floor in the best places to make plays. There were a buch of times where we forced OKC into tougher shots than they wanted to take and we didn't do that much last year. Wolves get a big plus for the charges they took at the end of the game. Rubio, Love, good work.

#2 - I wanted to see Adelman use the bench. Rubio, Barea, Tolliver and Willams played very well and the most effective line up finished off the game, though I almost would have rather seen Tolliver in Beasley's spot at the end. Tolliver plays smart ball, Beasley plays, I want to shine-as-bright-as-my buddy-Kevin-Durant ball.

#3 - I wanted to see the Wolves draw fouls. They did alright here. Still want to see more. Really from Beasley, but like I said, for some reason he just doesn't get the calls. Be it NBA scripting, it is what it is, and he's gotta figure out a way to do it. Barea and Love are going to get a lot of free throws.

#4 - I wanted to see Randolph play with in the offense. Randolph didn't get big minutes and when he did he played some pretty good defense and played with in the offense. Win for the wolves.

#5 - I wanted to see Ball movement. Its awesome what happens when Ricky and JJ get on the court. The ball is zipping around. Passing is contagious. Good passing is contagious. I think I saw Beasley throw an on target well time skip pass. Much of the time it was really great. Beasley, held the ball and forced it too much sometimes, really at the end of the game. And Ridnour put up that awful 3 to try and go two for one, reasonable idea, bad execution.

#6 - I wanted to see Darko play well inside & he played great. Darko tried to dunk it over two guys and was very effective over all.

I was hoping to see these things that I thought would give the wolves a shot at winning the game. They did admirably well in these areas and were in the game until the last three seconds. Fun team

I'm just gunna keep writing, because it's what I like to do. Maybe I'm just not making enough ridiculous claims or predictions.

I we can take the Bucks again. I think Beasley's going to blow up. I predict a big game from him. I also look for Darko to get more minutes against Bogut and continue his good play. I predict that Stephen Jackson might take a swing at JJ Barea and Derrick Williams will get hot from outside and hit 3+ three point shots.

Wolves win by +15

What say yall?

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