Things we can control, things we can't...

We can't control:

1. Darko - He costs the team on almost EVERY single possession both offensively and defensively. His feet are stuck in the mud. He has no lateral movement anymore and cannot get off the floor. So much so it has almost become a joke. Bogut made him look like a fool all night long on both ends of the floor. Sad thing is we have nothing behind him who resembles a decent center. Randolph is a head case and Pec is well, Pec. The problem is there is absolutely no way to mask deficiencies at the center position. You are what you are. We have problems at the 2 but with some creativity you can mask it a little more. That needs to be done asap. But Darko, what an epic fail.

2. Wes - The #2 biggest problem/disappointment on the team. If he could just make up for his lack of driving and finishing ability and overall non effective play with a dead-eye outside shot, I could live with him. But he isn't offering that either. You HAVE to provide either one or the other to offer anything. Not being able to offer either is absolutely killing the team. We have already seen that Malcolm Lee has some nice penetrating ability and is able to move the ball and facilitate. For that reason alone he should get some minutes. And of course Barea should get time there too. Wow does this team need a 2 guard. If Lee isn't able to give us something this season it will be a long year. Wes is looking like a bust of Flynn-like proportion.

3. Beas' attitude - I will never understand this dude. Loads of talent. But his attitude is straight sh@t. I mentioned recently he is a big cog in the offense but he doesn't give effort in so many areas. And his body language is atrocious. What a shame. Unfortunately I don't think he'll ever change. Because of that we'll never get much out of him if we were to try to trade him.

We CAN control

1. Williams - DW needs to learn a pull up J. Simple as that. He's able to get by his man from the 3 point line but he tries to go all the way to the hoop and ends up charging or forcing a bad shot. C'mon coaches, work with him on the pump fake, 1 or 2 quick dribbles, rise up from 12-15 and nail it. I honestly think that should be a staple of his offensive package.

2. Rotation - Kind of related to the Wes discussion above, we need to demote the pathetic-ness that is Wes and roll with Lee. And it's time to start Rubio. We need to give starting opportunities to Lee and Wayne.

Starters - Rubio, Lee/Wayne, Beas, Love, Pec (wow)

Main bench: Barea, Lee/Wayne, Luke, Williams, Tolliver

Crunch time: Rubio, Lee/Wayne (whoever shows something), Williams, Beas, Love

Crumbs off the bench - Wes, Randolph, Darko

This sounds like a negative post but it isn't. We could be 2-0. That being said we have some areas that need to be addressed and I believe we need to address the rotation and tweak DWill's offensive game a bit. Hopefully RA will not wait too long with his loyalty to Wes and Darko. They're killing me smalls, just killing me....

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