Acquiring Good Players, Plausibly (debatable).

I would like for this to turn into a place where if you have a way to plausibly acquire good players to play with Love and Rubio you are welcome to join the discussion and add a trade you think is likely too happen.

I've got two big ideas that I think could plausibly happen to do SnP's old "get two above average players to play with Love" concept that I am actually starting to rally behind. Feel free to debate whether these are possible or whether you even think the players I am suggesting are even good (one for sure will probably be questioned).

1st) Josh Smith: Bill Simmons has been obsessed with the Wolves getting Josh Smith for about a year, not sure why but almost every time he brings up the Hawks he says "I could see them doing something desperate like trading Smith the Wolves for Wes Johnson or Michael Beasley."

I don't think it's completely implausible that Josh Smith could be gotten for a package less than what he is worth as a player. For similar reasons as there was a debate about Westbrook's availability, Smith is not known for being the all-time best teammate and makes some pretty poor decisions offensively. In saying all that he is a PER monster and could easily play the 4 with Love rotating to the 5.

I've heard enough people say Beasley has no trade value so I will not go with Wes/Beast but I will switch Beasley with Randolph. This trade works salary wise:

Why would the Hawks do this? Cut salary and get a knucklehead off their team? Randolph also has proven that when he plays a lot he does produce (however I really cannot stand watching him play, never passes) and maybe there is still a delusional of Wes Johnson being a 3 in the NBA.

Other pieces to add if our end is not enough: Darko, because they've never had a 7 footer, Horford playing with a 7 footer with a pulse could be unbelievable. Anthony Tolliver, because he's one of the few good players on our roster, And potentially our Utah pick (it's a fair joke that once you are adding protected picks you know the trade isn't that good)

2.) Andre Iguodoua

If we can acquire Josh Smith without giving up Williams (which should be plausible) I think that makes acquiring Andre Iguodoua fairly simple. Williams is the cornerstone of the trade and the reason this deal is plausible. There are always hints that the Sixers would like to get out of Iggy's contract but then they end up "denying" those rumors (I tend to believe if there is some smoke there is some fire), it's a big contract for a guy who is good but not great....but he is good. He's a fringe All-Star SG who can defend anyone, he can kind of create his own shot and he would play really well in a back-court with Rubio.

Why would the Sixers do this? Well Williams is a 4 with talent and they are always on the look out for frountcourt help, plus they would clear out their backcourt roster glut (We're such a good trading partner). Plus they get Ridnour who is a very solid back up to Holiday

So if we could make both of these deals we would have a core 4 of Rubio/Iggy/Smith/Love, we'd still have Beasley, whom I believe is a pretty no-lose situation, either he turns it around this year or he is a free agent and goes unsigned in the off-season. And we have a bench of Tolliver, Barea, Lee (and maybe Mareese Speights)

That would be a good team, with two quality defensive players who bring it offensively as well.

Thoughts on these deals? Do you have any pick ups that seem plausible of your own that you want to throw out?

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