Trade of the Decade...

or something pretty close to it. 

Here is the trade:


Give: Michael Beasley, Nikola Pekovic, and 2011 1st Round Pick to Nuggets
Receive: Pau Gasol


Give: Pau Gasol to Timberwolves and 2011 1st Round Pick to Nuggets
Receive: Carmelo Anthony


Give: Carmelo Anthony to Lakers
Receive: Michael Beasley, Nikola Pekovic, 1st Round Picks from Timberwolves and Lakers

Why do the Timberwolves do this deal?

A few different reasons.  First, even though Pau makes a lot of money, we'll be faced with Beasley's extension soon enough, and the money needs to be spent somewhere.  Second, trading away Beasley for Pau means a much, much, much, much, much better center and Wes Johnson can be our small forward.  Wes + Pau > Beasley + Darko.  Third, Pau and Rubio are teammates on the Spanish team.  Ricky would come here to play with Pau Gasol.  Gasol would hate leaving LA, but playing with Rubio here might make it tolerable.  I don't think we can trade away our 2011 lottery pick (correct me if I'm wrong) due to the Clippergedden situation, but I would trade it in this deal.  Otherwise, deal Utah's pick.

Why do the Lakers do this deal?

They can't beat Boston, Miami, and they might not even beat Oklahoma City or San Antonio, in the playoffs.  They look their age and want to make a trade.  This one makes room for Lamar Odom--a possible All-Star this year--at the starting power forward, between Kobe-Melo and Bynum.  Melo has fresher legs than Kobe and that is a 2-3 combination that gets to the Finals and could definitely win the championship.  If the Lakers can get a contract extension for Melo to replace Pau Gasol, I think they do this deal.  Kobe would have an easier time transitioning into a lesser role with advanced age next to such a prolific scorer.  This year, it isn't working out very well.

Why do the Nuggets do this deal? 

I'm not sure that they do.  But, Michael Beasley is not too bad of a recovery for losing Melo.  Hell, he's been called Melo-lite and better things by our fans, this year.  He's very young and has shown more than a few flashes of 30 points-per game potential.  He's battled minor injuries that make his current stats worse than they probably should be.  If the Wolves are allowed to deal their own lottery pick in this deal, I think Denver does it.  Michael Beasley plus Jared Sullinger is a nice way to rebuild after losing a star player.  If it's the Utah Pick, I don't know that Denver would do this. 

What do you think?

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