R.I.P. you will be sorely miss.  It will now be harder than ever to be a timberwolves fan without all the game televised.



My quick random thoughts.

Wes Johnson- seems to be playing well off the bench.  When he's aggressive and driving to the basket he is more productive and even getting to the free throw line.  Off the bench he is getting more shots than when he was starting. I think he works on dribbling this off season and has a bright future.

Kurt Rambis - He should try out different things and see how they work because the season is over and can't get worse. I would like to see him try Flynn at SG to see how it would work if him and Rubio were on the same team.  Also, a zone defense might not be bad to try. Darko could be in the middle and maybe we could get out to 3 point shooters easier by not getting run off by multiple screens.

Martell Webster - I thought he showed a lot of promise before his injury. He has underperformed I feel like.

Corey Brewer - I like his game, but just not as a starter. He would be superb off the bench if we can keep him next year.

Nikola Pekovic- Is a brute. I wouldn't mind see him playing with Darko for a couple of minutes. He is strong and can finish around the basket. He reminds me of Kevin Love without a three point shot. He can't play defense and is unathletic.

Micheal Beasley - He is inconsistent, but so good when he wants to be.

Jonny Flynn - He shows flashes of brilliance and flashes of terribleness. For some reason he has been the scapegoat on this site. I don't think it is fair. Especially at first when he first got back from injury. He was barley playing, but we still thought he was the reason why we were losing game.  One thing that he has over Ridnour is even when he is playing bad, players still have to respect his speed and explosiveness.  He seems to be able to drive and draw attention of the defense leading to wide open shots for others.



I don't see us making any blockbuster trades. However, i see us making trades if we get something for next to nothing. Like 60 cents on the dollar aka Mike Beasley trade.  I'm fine with.  O.J. Mayo would be worth a shot for me. I would want J.R. Smith more because of his defense. Otherwise, I think we should get Hasheem Thabeet just so that he could protect the rim. He would not fit with our offense at all, but he would provide a shot blocking threat besides Darko that we need.  Anthony Randolph would be interesting if we can get him for the right price.  I believe they have offers on the table, but are waiting for other deals. Closer to the deadline time will tell. It would be nice for the fans and the city if we could get someone like Iggy to add credibility. He might provide veteran leadership which we also don't have.  Gerald Wallace would do the same.

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