Countdown from 11: Philadelphia 76ers




PJD is a Minnesota Vikings blogger (poorly) at Purple Jesus Diaries who has made a terrible mistake by purchasing 11 tickets this spring to Minnesota Timberwolves games. These are his game recaps highlighting what may have been the worst mistake of his life, outside of cheering for Minnesota sports teams ...

Heading to the 76ers game Saturday night, my brother and I were all a-buzz like busy bumble bees begging for burgeoning ... honey ... (ran out of alliteration) ... over the Wolves play during their recent three game road trip. I think if you were to tell any commenter here at Canis that the Wolves would win two out of three games on the road this late in the season, without giving details, the majority of us would spring a leak in our pantaloons. Beating the Hornets is a legit win, and showing the poise to hit some big shots from a couple of different players down the stretch in Houston was impressive too. Maybe I'm just an idiot football rube who is still baffled that the Packers won the Super Bowl, but my expectation for this team was/is 20-25 wins, and despite people following this team closely and their opinions, the Wolves are still within a pubic hair of getting to that spot. Well ... maybe 20. Maybe? The 76ers seemed as good of an opportunity as any to get to lucky number 14 on the season ...




- Well, it didn't work out. The team got lazy and was hanging their laurels on their coat hooks after a depleted team passed the ball well on the road trip, but then got lazy and disinterested at home. That's pretty embarrassing. You can't even get excited in front of your home crowd? Put in a little effort? Maybe try to do more than jack up ill advised shots, FLYNN? The team was listless and reminded me of the Vikings in 2010, which is a pretty clear indicator that people have packed it in. 

- Watching Kosta Kofous, I don't want him to be a long term solution on this team by any means (unless he has a revelation from God and starts playing like Dwight Howard, of course) but he has been playing halfway decent basketball with Darko being out. Also, we decided that with the mask he's wearing we're going to nickname him Dr. Doom. And speaking of replacements, Nikola has actually showed some competency too. I still don't think he's going to be the right type of player for the Wolves to use going forward (assuming the style of team Kahn and Rambis want to have still holds water once they are canned any day now), but he seems like he could be a solid backup center after we cut Darko's contract in the next year or two.

- At some point during a timeout, the Target Center staff dropped parachutes from the rafters that had money in them. How much money, is my question. $1.00? $10? $50??? That'd be crazy. You'd have people fighting in the stands over that money. It would pay for two tickets to a Night On the Town deal to a Wolves game. Also, we didn't get any money, natrually.

- I was interested in seeing Luke Ridnour back in action. I was hoping he would have gotten the start (he didn't) and that the Wolves would have played competently like they had during their two game win streak (they didn't). I don't know why, but his play always seems like it's not that great, but then he does just enough to make me pull the reigns and be lie, OK ... OK ... maybe Luke is alright. Of course, he's fantastic compared to Flynn, who can go straight to hell. Unfortunately, Luke never got in with that starting unit much, and when he did through rotations it didn't matter because Chris Brown was showing he could hit things better than the Wolves could last night.

- Speaking of Flynn, he's so terrible we came up with another idea for a later game. We were thinking of buying a Flynn jersey (off of E-Bay of course, it'll be cheap there with someone just trying to cut their losses) and have my brother wear it and purchase him court side tickets then as well. He would then become the ultimate Flynn fan, cheering him on every time down the court, offering blinding encouragement after every turnover or bad pass, and going absolutely wild when Flynn hits a shot. "YEAH JONNY! WE SHOWED EVERYONE!" It would be hilarious, but I'm pretty sure Flynn would catch on to the sarcasm.

- Natalie Kane was back again tonight, and although her outfit looked uncomfortable and distracting for her, it looked quite pleasing to my eyes. The leggings always do that. We were debating how old she was, too. I'm unsure if she's not quite 30 or maybe just 30 already. There's no way she's like 25 or something. Her face doesn't look it. It looks like she's had some work done or injected it with cooking oil. Not a lot, mind you, but just a bit where you can tell she's trying too hard. Come on Natalie! You're better than that! She was also the only stadium announcer Saturday night, with notable uninterested Mike Rylander and over-enthusiastic B-Wright probably hugging in a closet somewhere. The Wolves had to bring DJ Mad Mardigan down instead to do some announcing. ..... They should probably stop that and pay B-Wright what he wants so he'll always be there.

- Every third quarter they also do a "What would you do for a Klondike Bar?" event where they get some fan to do something for the entire third quarter in order to receive a tasty ice cream snack. This game, they had some guy pretend to train like Rocky under our upper level seats the entire quarter, and let me tell you, he totally cheated. He wasn't training the entire quarter. He was standing around and performing half assed jump roping. Not acceptable!

- Kevin Love got his double-double. That's the only thing to bother watching at this point. He only had like 10 points and five rebounds at half time, so we were a bit nervous. But in the first probably five minutes of the third he wrapped up all his rebounds and took care of it. There was also a guy with a sign there that said something like "Love Love's D.D's" and all I could think it meant was "Kevin Love loves double D breasts", which is also probably true anyway.

- During the introductions, I'm pretty sure Wes Johnson did a Michael Jackson move, where he swoops his sweat jacket back and did a little moon walk. Those were Wes' best moves all night long.

- We went and ate at Taste of Thailand over on 7th street this time. I had the Twin Cities famous Pad Thai, which was quite acceptable, but the service there was terrible. Also, whether it's this location or the one in Saint Paul, they always seem to run out of the Special Fried Egg Rolls. Hey, you KNOW people love those. Make tons of them, especially on a Saturday night. What the hell is wrong with you? I'd still probably put The Depot as the best place we've been too. Not sure what we'll try next. I'd guess Kieran's or Glueks. Other suggestions? Not the Skyway Lounge. Their closed for renovations, you see.




That's it for now. Out of the 11 tickets we have this spring, we were expecting to see two or three wins. We've only witnessed one so far out of a really easy schedule. My hopes are dwindling and the light at the end of the tunnel is flickering dark. Can we witness when the Wolves break their win total from last year?? I hope so. The next game we go to is Wednesday versus the Clippers. .... Eh, I give the Wolves about a 30% chance here.

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