Tips for my Lunch with David


As much as I love the NBA and enjoy going to the games, I have been torn about whether I should "vote with my feet" on the direction of the Puppies or renew my season tickets.  To that end, my ticket guy is having me attend a lunch with David Kahn…and apparently only like 5 other people.

I have been encouraged to ask  "tough" questions.  Frankly, there are a lot of answers I’d like to hear (maybe from people other than David Kahn, but I didn’t get a choice).  It is easy to bitch to my fiance or my friends or on the internet, but I am hoping I don’t lose my nerve when I am actually there in front of the man himself.


Some thoughts I've had:

  • 1. DK recently said we "went out and got the players Kurt wanted." Who is really responsible for evaluating talent and building the team? What about the drafts?

  • 2. Re: the draft... this year is shaping up to be the weakest in a long time (lock out, etc.). What does that mean to the FO, particularly with Clippergeddon looming? (And what is the plan for *that*?)

  • 3. Wings.

  • 4. Wes - still have drafted Wes had we known about Beasley? Really think Wes can play/guard primarily the 2?

  • 5. Have we abandoned the singular/big move?

  • 6. What of the Big Al cap space?

  • 7. Coaching staff
    - lead the league in player development? Lived up to that? What would he point to?
    - game management (rotations, late game play-calling, clock management, etc.)
    - living and dying by a system v. making best use of our actual players
    - defense?
    - running the offense through Darko?

  • 8. What are we going to do to keep Kevin Love? [I just want to hear what he says]

For what it's worth (and none of this may be surprising), these meetings have apparently included: extensive Rubio discussions (ie- the family is making plans to come here, assuming not a long lock-out); the open idea that we are definitely after Randolph, but that won't happen until the Melo situation is sorted; and the idea that the wing situation will be solved by "addition by subtraction."


So…apart from "when are they going to get rid of you and what could Glen do to get Dennis Lindsey to reconsider?," what should I ask?

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