Countdown from 11: Los Angeles Clippers



PJD is a Minnesota Vikings blogger (poorly) at Purple Jesus Diaries who has made a terrible mistake by purchasing 11 tickets this spring to Minnesota Timberwolves games. These are his game recaps highlighting what may have been the worst mistake of his life, outside of cheering for Minnesota sports teams ...

Credit the Wolves ticketing staff for helping us out. My brother and I bought tickets to the LA Lakers game originally in our 10-game pack, and when we both found out that our class schedules for the spring semester wouldn't allow for it, the ticketing office let us trade to the OTHER LA team, and dropped in two extra tickets to balance the costs out. We got to bring two other family members to experience our agony of defeats, as this Clippers game was now our fifth venture to the Target Center this spring. It had the potential for a win, too! ... Until about the 3rd quarter, when everything went to hell. Here are my game highlights.



- As a preface, the other family members we took with were an older, pessimistic brother who is unwilling to even try and find one bright spot on the Wolves roster, or with their future, since the KG trade. The other was my wife, who was more excited to have a night out on the town, but I think immediately regretted it when she had to actually start to watch basketball played by a JV squad, and listen to my normal ticket partner and I discuss the finer points of NBA offense. I thought she was going to weep and her misfortune of accepting the invite. MUST GO BUY FLOWERS NOW. This will be the most expensive Wolves game I've ever been too, I'm guessing.

- We almost shat brix when the announced the starting lineup. Ridnour? WEBSTER??! The productive players from the last game being awarded starting roles?! What kind of nonsense is this, Rambis! We were almost dizzy with excitement when Ellington was the first substitution, and then when Bassy took the floor before Flynn. Could it be?! Intelligent use of players?! Well, no. Flynn was "injured" (See: Broken heart and bruised ego), B-Easy was still out, and Wes is shooting like a drunken Northerner at a Southern party, so the options were really pretty slim. Also, we still lost big, so what does it matter.

- Unfortunately, I'm pretty sure I'm done with Darko Polo, and it's really not his fault. Rambis is using him in the most grating and idiotic way. You're going to put him in the post, let him get double teamed and stripped every time he dribbles, and then destroy his confidence at the free throw line? Why didn't we just keep Al Jefferson if this is the offense we're going to run? And it's been said forever, I just never wanted to believe it, but Darko is softer than a batch of new kittens. What's wrong with Pekovic? He bullied Blake Griffin around last night (too little, too late) in ways Darko could never dream. AND he's been looking better offensively too. He needs more minutes, and it pisses me off he's not getting them. Darko, can you injure yourself again?

- This was our first Wednesday night game, and I am not lying when I report that it was the fullest we have seen the Target Center thus far for a Wolves game. Wat? No joke. Is it because it was College Night (The College Night t-shirts say "Howl Yeah!" on the back. lol.)? Maybe everyone wanted to see the Wolves one last time before the All-Star break? Or maybe there's just a ton of Clippers fans? That seems less plausible, but unfortunately likely.

- I say that because there was a TON of cheering for Blake Show going HAM on the Target Center. I have never seen the entire arena light up and gasp when someone goes on a fast break like it did for him. Even Wolves fans in Love jerseys were standing up and cheering. It was absolutely bizarre, and kind of enjoyable. What wasn't enjoyable? Blake constantly staring daggers at the refs and looking like he was whining like a scorned woman. Settle down, rook, you'll be fine. On the flip side, I wish he wore a Wolves jersey. That's be awesome.

- The halftime show included 10 blind folded people crawling around on the floor looking for t-shirts. I kid you not.

- I can't quite describe how embarrassing it was to see Randy Foye and Ryan Gomes destroy the Wolves. Foye was hitting three pointers left and right like he only just remembered to do so after leaving the Wolves, and Gomes hit the dagger near the end when the Wolves pulled within six. You always see players the team once had and wonder if they would be producing like this for us if we still had them, then you're like "Ha, just kidding, that's a coaching issue" and that would then be an understatement. Still ... screw those guys.

- We visited the Wonderous Asian Kitchen on 6th and Hennepin prior to the game. They have a decent happy hour until 6 on most days including $4 taps, and cheap appetizers which include a couple of sushi selections (tasty) and the famous cranberry cream cheese puffs, formerly of Azia fame. I would go get those and eat them all smugly, because they are fantastic.

- Do you think any other NBA stadium has half of their concessions closed? Because the Target Center does, always, on the second level, away from the escalators, even on a Saturday night. Yikes.

- I can't believe how terrible this team is offensively the past few weeks. What's the reason? What's changed? Has Beasley being out really affected the offense that much? Are the shots just not dropping? Too much running through Darko? Ball movement, coaching, Crunch not being enthusiastic enough .... Too many things to mention.

- Love hurt his shoulder doing ... something ... with like 4 minutes to go in the half. Eventually, he came back out to a smattering of applause like Paul Pierce during the playoffs, except ... well, much, much less.

- Mike Rylander was back (*fart noise*) and he was wearing a Love All-Star jersey. Those things are hideous. No wonder he's so disengaged. I'd be pretty upset too if I had to wear one of those.

- The song the crowd chose to play in the 4th quarter through text selection was the Nitty Gritty Dirt Bands "Fishing in the Dark." The other options included "Motownphilly" by Boyz II Men (choice) and the "You're the Best Around" by Joe Esposito. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. Seriously. And you wonder why this team sucks.



All in all it was a pretty bad loss, particularly right before the All-Star break. Our ticket guests felt like WE should have been paid $5 to come fill Target Center for the team, and I can't say I fully disagree with that. Our next game will be next Friday against the Hornets, who the Wolves have already beaten twice. Is there a chance to win??!?! .... Probably not. I'm just hoping for a double-double and 16 wins this season.

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