It's time for a new coach!

I've coached a few different high school level sports teams and to evaluate my coaching and compare myself to other coaches I would look at three things:

First did my team win a lot of games?

Second if it was a team that didn't win many games did the players atleast show significant improvement?

Third did I get the most out of each player?

So how has Rambis been doing? I would say terrible. Before everyone joins the SnP bandwagon and says we can't expect a coach to do anything with our D-league roster lets see how much potential talent really is on the roster.

Kevin Love- I admit to being the biggest Love hater but even I know he's a boarder line all-star on a daily basis.

Michael Beasley- A great player who has the talent to be a top 5 SF in the league. Even though he is under performing he is about 7th in per at SF.

Luke Ridnour- Definitely not D-league, has reached his full potential at this point in his career and is about 20th in per for his position. I don't think 10 other teams are playing with D-league point guards.

Darko Milicic- Talent wise not D-league, consistency wise D-league.

Corey Brewer- D-league offense, NBA level defense. Usually has the toughest defensive match up and is usually able to hold his man to below average.

Martel Webster- Getting time and contributing on a playoff team makes him an NBA talent.

Wes Johnson- NBA length, athleticism, shot, and also plays solid D. He is no where near his full potential but has the talent to play in the NBA.

Jonny Flynn- Needs lots of improvement but there is enough talent/potential there to be a very good scoring PG.

So now that we've established that there are actually decent players on the team how has Rambis done?

They don't win many games so that's a failure. There are 2 huge problems with this team, turnovers and defense. There has been absolutely no progress so improvement is a failure. He also has only gotten the most out of 1 player, Kevin Love. Beasley, Johnson, Flynn and Darko all of the talent to be much much better. I'll give Rambis a pass with Darko because he's been in the league for awhile and no one else has gotten Darko to play his best, but I still think a really good coach could get more consistency out of him. That's four of our most talented players who the coach isn't getting the most out of so that's a failure.

Basically it's time to move on and find some who actually knows how to coach!

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