Tim's Game Preview: Game 58, Memphis Grizzlies (Trade Deadline Edition)


Hope is on the way in the form of 6'11", 225 lb Anthony Randolph.

Minnesota Timberwolves (13-44) vs. Memphis Grizzlies (31-27) at Target Center

The Grizzlies come into Minnesota tonight to take on the Minnesota Timberwolves. The Grizzlies had won four straight heading into the All-Star break, but after losing forward Rudy Gay to a dislocated left shoulder, lost to the short-handed Denver Nuggets last night 120-107. Tony Allen scored 26, O.J. Mayo scored 21, but the Grizzlies still came up short.

Anthony Randolph has passed his physical and its exciting to welcome a new member of the Wolves' family. With the trade deadline still many hours away, who knows what the team will look like at this time tomorrow.

For now, though, let's take a different approach to these matchups and ask, would you make the trade? (Pretend salaries are not an issue)



 Would you trade...

Darko Milicic for Marc Gasol?

Let's see: I could have the #2 pick in one of the best drafts of all-time, or I could have a thrown-in from one of the most lopsided trades of all-time. I could have a guy with a deadly left-handed hook shot, or a guy who plays for the Memphis Grizzlies. I could have the Green Giant, or the guy who isn't good enough to play with Ricky Rubio.

I'm good with Darko.

Verdict: No chance.



Would you trade...

Kevin Love for Zach Randolph?

Until Kevin Love is tied to a drug ring, becomes a member of a team whose nickname has 'Jail' in it and starts throwing up 20-footers at the ends of games for no reason, I think I know who I'd pick in this one. Zach Randolph supporters in Memphis were clamoring for Z-Bo (what a dumb nickname) to make the All-Star Game over K-Love. Really? The only way Zach Randolph should ever seen an All-Star Game is on TV.

Love is untouchable.

Verdict: Are you serious?



Would you trade...

Michael Beasley for Sam Young?

Last time the Wolves and Grizzlies played, I made fun of Sam Young a little bit and said that I didn't know who he was. He responded by having a pretty solid game against us. So would I take him over Michael Beasley? Not a chance. Sam Young is still a bum. The sun even shines on a dog's behind some days. Anyone can win the lottery. Sam Young isn't going to do anything tonight. Michael Beasley is going to tear him up on offense and shut him down on defense.

I wouldn't trade a case of Wolves' foam fingers for Sam Young.

Verdict: Not even if I was really drunk.



Would you trade...

Wesley Johnson for Tony Allen?

If I need an MMA fighter, maybe I'd make this deal. If I wanted a professional gambler, maybe I'd make this deal. But if I want the best basketball player? I wouldn't consider it. Wesley Johnson had a breakout game last night and he's only continuing his flight to superstardom in the NBA. I wouldn't be surprised in two years if NBA pundits are debating whether Wesley Johnson will re-up with the Wolves or hit the free agent market for a max deal.

Wes will be coming back to Minnesota. He's a lifer. A Kirby Puckett for Minnesota. (Unless he gets traded in the next 24 hours, in which case, I saw it coming all along).

Verdict: I'm hanging up my phone.



Would you trade...

 Luke Ridnour for Mike Conley?

Mike Conley is a nice young point guard with potential. Who needs potential? I'd like a veteran running my point guard position. Luke Ridnour brings poise and clutch to the Wolves. I don't need some guy who is going to continually try to make flashy passes and will turn the ball over all the time. I don't want someone rushing up bad shots. I want a playmaker.

Luke Ridnour is a playmaker. Mike Conley is just playing.

Verdict: This must be Isiah Thomas on the phone...


 My Prediction: Timberwolves 112 - Memphis Grizzlies 79

Timberwolves' Record: 14-44

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