Players that could be had before the deadline

I just wanted to go through teams and look at players who are on the trade block and see what they could do for our Wolves.

Atlanta Hawks: The Hawks have a big payroll and are not in title contention, and they need to change either one or both of those things. Hawks want a true center so that Horford can play more PF.

Jeff Teague - He is a young unproven turnover prone guy, but is still better than Jonny Flynn. He would probably still back up Ridnour.

Jamal Crawford - Crawford is in the final year of his contract and probably wouldn't resign here, but he is much better than any guard on our team. He might be available because his high price tag for the Hawks to resign him and their addition of Hinrich. 


Charlotte Bobcats: It has been rumored the Bobcats are looking for a salary dump, and that is pretty much the only reason why these guys are available. Wolves would be a good partner to trade with because we have lots of young guys with potential on cheap contracts.

Steven Jackson - Captain Jack would be a big upgrade to our SG position. He is a veteran who can get the job done. If they are giving him away in a salary dump I would be glad to take him. Say what you want about him not wanting to play here, he plays in Charlotte right now and Minnesota can't be that much worse. Also, I think we have a really good locker room (except for Rambis), and the players all find ways to get along and have fun.

Gerald Wallace - Wallace is another guy who could be available in a salary dump. He would give this team some of the defense that it so sorely needs. I don't know how he would fit in the lineup, probably would trade Beas for him or move Beas to the bench.

Tyrus Thomas - Thomas is currently injured but is a big athletic shot blocker. To me he is like a more developed Anthony Randolph. He plays good D at multiple spots and would be a good compliment to KLove. If he could be had for anybody not named Love or Beasley I'd probably do it.

Orlando Magic: The Magic are still searching for an end of the bench big to help out their front line.

Gilbert Arenas - No.

J.J. Redick - Redick has been improving ever since he came into the league. He is a young, knockdown shooter who doesn't have great handles but is very good at playing off ball and moving off screens. He hustles on D and is a solid defender.

Philadelphia 76er's: All the preseason dreams of the 76er's blowing it up this year have seemingly come to an end.

Andre Iguodala - With the 76er's winning games trading with them gets more and more unlikely. Iguodala is a good ball handler with good court vision and capable of playing a point forward position. He plays great defense and fills up the stat sheet night in and night out. He would be a great fit in the wolves backcourt because of his ability to handle the ball.

Toronto Raptors: The Raptors are in the cellar too and looking for change is always better than being content at being terrible.

Jerryd Bayless - Bayless isn't an established player. He is more of a shuffling the deck move, but if shuffling the deck sends Jonny Flynn somewhere, then start shuffling.

Denver Nuggets: The Nuggets just got their ransom for Melo, and I just don't see them keeping everybody that they have right now.

Raymond Felton - Ray has slowed down since his All-Star pace start in New York. If the Nuggets want to move him and gather more young talent the Wolves could use Felton.

Arron Afflalo - Solid player, plays within his limits. Is young, improving, and better than the any Wolves SG (not hard to do). Also on the last year of his contract.

J.R. Smith - Young gunslinging shooting guard who does not play within his limits. Very inconsistent. Plays gritty defense. Headcase. I still have no problem with the TWolves starting him.

Golden State Warriors: If the Warriors decide the Curry/Ellis combo will not work, I want one of them on the Twolves. I would give them Beasley, Wes, and a pick or two or use Eddy Curry to take on Biedrins' contract or something.

Monta Ellis - Monta Ellis is a baller. He would give the Wolves a high usage guard who fits perfectly with Kevin Love. Ellis is in phenomenal shape, and can play tons of minutes at both the 1 and 2. He is also underrated as a distributor. Working with catch and shoot players that can play good defense and letting Kevin Love be Kevin Love with rebounds, putbacks, and pick-n-pops would put the Wolves well on their way to winning. Probably my favorite fit to join the Wolves.

Steph Curry - Curry would be Kahn admitting his mistake of taking Flynn and justifying it. That is one of the main reasons I don't see this happening. Curry is a great passer and shooter who can handle the ball well and fit the triangle perfectly.


Houston Rockets: The Rockets are rumored to have many intriguing guys on the trade block who are worth taking a look at for the right price. They need help down low with big bodies and could use AT, Pek, or Darko immediately.

Terrence Williams - Kahn is probably drooling. A guy pigeon holed on the bench who is oozing potential. I would like to see TWill get time on the court anywhere. The guy can play basketball, he averaged a triple-double in his D-League stint, but he can't seem to put everything together at one time in the NBA. Good thing Minnesota is a league leader in young player development and can transform him into a superstar.

Aaron Brooks - Aaron Brooks is a scorer first, and a passer second. He is lightning fast and can take most players off the dribble. He is a guy who the Wolves already had rumored interest in when the "dangled" Jonny Flynn for him earlier in the season.

Courtney Lee - Courtney Lee can look great one day and disappear the next. He plays a pretty solid all around game and if given more minutes, could grow into a good shooting guard. 

Chase Budinger - I don't know much about Budinger except that he had a sweet dunk last time we played the Rockets.

Memphis Grizzlies: The Grizz have some locker room trouble with Mayo and are ready to give up on Thabeet. They need some depth all around.

O.J. Mayo - Mayo is a 2 guard with good handles and can create for himself. He is in  desperate need of a fresh start. I think playing in Minny would eliminate the locker room trouble because he would be with a group of guys he knows and is friends with from AAU ball.

Hasheem Thabeet - Thabeet just looks like a basketball player. He is super tall with long arms and should be able to be a defensive minded center. I see his ceiling as being what we all want Darko to be, a defensive minded center who plays efficient offensive and makes the easy baskets.

Oklahoma City Thunder: The Thunder are getting close to title contention. They just need help down low and defensively to get them over the top.

James Harden - There was tons of excitement about James Harden coming out of college. He plays a smart polished game of hoops and is a hardnosed defender. He is another guy who just can't seem to keep it all together on a night to night basis.

Phoenix Suns: The Suns have to be getting close to blowing it all up soon. they need help offensively in the post soon because Nash is not going to be able to continue to create offensive for the entire team forever.

Vince Carter - Too old, gets paid too much, barely a shell of what he used to be.

Steve Nash - Nash is an All NBA player. He is not the biggest, fastest, strongest, or quickest, but he is one of, if not the smartest basketball player in the league. He has uncanny court vision and passing ability and he can set his teammates up better than any other PG in the league. Oh and he can shoot.

Josh Childress - Doesn't really do all that much except have cool hair.

Portland TrailBlazers: It's rumored the Blazers are shopping Andre Miller so maybe he could be had cheap. %Also, they realize that Lamarcus Aldridge is overrated, not a superstar, can't even make an All-Star game, and doesn't understand the concept of grabbing the ball after a missed shot. Aldridge is the most overrated player in the league and their front office is looking to sell high before he is exposed for being a fraud or his knees evaporate. They have been rumored to be offering him for Kevin Love.% 

Andre Miller - Is good at pretty much everything, but not really great in any area. Good all around player, good BBIQ, plays stiff defense. 

Utah Jazz: The Jazz are crashing fast. No Jerry Sloan, No Deron Williams. Maybe we could get Al Jefferson back for Eddie Curry's expiring and the draft picks they gave us.

Raja Bell - getting old. Like Tim Allen says, probably pays royalty checks to Steve Nash for getting him his contracts, but if he helps us trade Flynn he would be one of my new favorite players.

What do you guys think about the Wolves making another move before the deadline?

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