Countdown from 11: New Orleans Hornets



PJD is a Minnesota Vikings blogger (poorly) at Purple Jesus Diaries who has made a terrible mistake by purchasing 11 tickets this spring to Minnesota Timberwolves games. These are his game recaps highlighting what may have been the worst mistake of his life, outside of cheering for Minnesota sports teams ...

Last night at the Target Center, there was all sorts of high flying action, spectacular dunks, quick footed individuals running up and down the floor, all sorts of "air" being had, and raucous, loud, roaring noise from the crowd in attendance. It was the most engaged, enthusiastic, reactionary group of Wolves fans I have been around in years. It's unfortunate that this fun had to end once the half time dunk show with Crunch and his birthday buddy mascots came to and end and the Wolves got back on the floor to continue getting blown out by the Hornets. Here's what we saw from any seat we wanted to take in the house (we move around a lot, because why not):



- Can you imagine what it is like for Jonny Flynn to take the floor again after he was clearly almost traded over the trade deadline? Why even bother giving the guy minutes now? Boost his trade value? Yeah, good one. After his second appearance of the night, when he was pulled and called back to the bench, he b-lined it straight to his seat without looking at coaches or fans. It was amazing. I've never seen someone want to sit down so fast in my life.

- Some guy got a birthday cake in the face for a Klondike Bar. That drew some laughs.

- The announcers at the game didn't mention when Anthony Randolph came in for his Wolves debut. My brother and I were watching him all night to see if he would even get playing time (Don't want to throw him in too quick now, he's a delicate flower ...) and I was convinced by halftime that there was no way he'd play. Him and Bassy were in their warm ups head to toe, and it was pretty clear they were being forgotten, until....! An unannounced entrance! The fans knew and saw him come in, but the stadium announcers forgot about him. Probably thinking "Who the hell is #15?" He showed some interesting ups and an odd bit of aggressiveness that Wolves fans haven't seen in years either. As a singular move? .... Well, it's still pretty disappointing.

- Another example of why Rambis should be fired: A game after Wayne Ellington goes HAM and almost brings the Wolves back to compete for a win, he doesn't see a minute of playing time, even during a blow out. Really? But Laser Hayward gets to be in there? That's just stupid. That, and he had Flynn in there at all. The fact he isn't slapped with a DNP-SUCKS every single night is beyond me.

- I've wanted Darko to do so well for so long, but I'm off the bandwagon. Sit down, you pussy. He can't muscle anyone, he has no court vision or awareness of others around him, and if I have to see him miss one more bunny shot at the rim I'm going to punt a baby wolf. Now I know how Pistons fans feel.

- There was 21 turnovers in the game, but surprisingly, it didn't feel like it. It felt instead just like Timberwolves basketball, which might just reflect 21 turnovers. /SadPanda.

- Our pre-gaming took us to Kieran's before the game. If we were smart, we would have gone afterward and met the Wolves dancers, but at that point, after witnessing a blow out again, even they probably couldn't get a smile out of the one-eyed-snake monster. No fault of their own, by any means. Kieran's was fine, but it was full of after work Minneapolis socialites who were trying to bag chicks, bro, and walking through the crowd smelled of Old Spice and desperation. I probably won't be going back.

- I know people want Wes to be able to drive to the hoop and draw fouls, but on the plus side, he looked really nice shooting the ball. And quite frankly, on some of the ones he missed, they were still shots that I'd like him to take, ones that were wide open or quick catch and release ones behind the arc with just enough space for him to hit. He was squaring up before his shot well tonight, too, and had good trajectory on most of his balls. I'll still hold out hope that he can be a serviceable shooter.

- Does anyone know what happened to Super Fan? The guy that would always sit court-side and bang his newspaper

- You know it's a bad game when afterward, the stadium MCs say "Well, the Wolves lost but man, we sure had a blast with Crunch's birthday festivities, didn't we! Awesome!" Oh, so that's what I paid to see? I hate you, David Kahn.



That's about it. We head back to the black hole of basketball Sunday when the Golden State Warriors come to town. We are still waiting to see someone go off and score like 30 - 40 points. That would at least be entertaining. Maybe Ellis, maybe Curry, maybe the guy that's buried on the bench as the 17th man. That's where amazing happens!

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