I Believe I Can Flynn

I know lots of people have been down on Flynn recently, and not so recently.  This includes me.  

But my brain has been absorbing a lot of new info and percolating around up there and I think that Flynn is going to be a good player, eventually.  

Why?  Let me tell you. 

Flynn has been recovering from a significant injury.  Sure we all thought he was going to be back to full ability, and he even said he was, but it is clear that he isn't, and even he admits it now.  One good thing about Flynn is that he is a glass-half-full type of guy, but in this case he was being overly optimistic.  A hip surgery like that can set you back a year or more easy.  It is a major obstacle in a young player's development. 

Why do I think that he still is hindered by the injury?  Well he says he is.  And doctors say that usually you take a full year to come back.  And he has not been playing with the usual speed and energy that he had last year.  
Despite everyone's pessimism towards Flynn he had some good moments last year.  We all know that PG is a really tough position to play.  A lot of the great PGs in the history of the league did not start out with good numbers.  Often they only blossomed later in their career when they had seen a large enough number of game situations and mentally processed them to the point where they had the confidence to be a top level PG.  

So the fact that Flynn has been playing so far below even his play from last year shows that he is still bothered by this injury.  He is just going to need more time.  No one likes it but that is the reality.  

Also, his confidence is clearly shot.  He is a guy who reads everything that is out there, and there have been some truly brutal things out there recently.  That can weigh on a young player's mind, and it certainly doesn't help in the subtle game of NBA confidence.  This is one reason why I think that he will eventually be good.  While having your confidence crushed can keep you down for a while, it generally doesn't last forever.  As you progress through your career, you will make baby steps as your natural ability reasserts itself.  And I do believe that Flynn has natural ability.  He demonstrated it too often in college for it not to translate into the NBA game.  Plus I've seen some good performances from him that make me think he is capable of it more consistently in the future.  

One critical  issue that lately has me adjusting my Flynn outlook are some things I've been reading in the media. 
Firstly, we have to remember that Flynn has been out of the rotation most of the year.  He hasn't been around the players or anything.  Despite this, I keep reading and seeing information that indicates he is in the mix, chatting it up, goofing, talking, encouraging, cajoling his other teammates.  And maybe the most crucial piece to the Flynn puzzle is that I keep hearing his teammates referring to him, in a positive way.  Now this is a subtle thing that most people would dismiss, and maybe they are right.  But it is something that keeps cropping up again and again.  Flynn keeps coming up in conversations in ways that indicate that he is providing some form of positive influence and leadership on the team.  Now this is a thing that is easy to f*ck up.  We all know some guy who likes to think he is a leader and keeps encouraging you but as soon as he leaves you all roll your eyes and make that wanking gesture.  But I think that Flynn can pull it off once in a while, and as his confidence comes back, and as his health comes back, he is going to get better and be a good player and a positive force on whatever team he is on.  

I understand that this is not much to go on, and I am probably the only person in the US of A that thinks this way, and even I think I might be crazy, but here we are.  I am just getting signals from my Bball sense that there is a good player in there and he is not going to be kept down forever.  Eventually a good player is going to come out of there.  

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