4-0 with me in the building!!!!!!

Seriously I know another game wrap.  However, my game wrap has the intangibles the others don't.  SO READ IT!!!! YOU WON'T REGRET IT!!!!!!!!!  You will also see how all the players did if you missed the game

I got some sweet tickets for 10 bucks a piece off stub hub.  I took 4 guys from my intramural team (this was the first game without my wife and her lucky necklace so I was a bit worried).  Well that turned to three when the guy who was supposed to meet us there texted "Bro I'm so fadded haha" I have no idea what fadded means but whatever it was it certianly wasn't better than the game.

Before the game we asked for score predictions.  I said somewhere around 120s my friend said in the 140s.  A guy in front of me said we were both low.

I'll break down the players performances

Luke - the turnover at the end of the game was forgiven because of the three before it.  I would have hoped the would have run a pick n roll there but I'm not complaining.  He is doing a great job going to the corner and waiting to pop the three.

Johnny - My friends convinced me that I have no rational reason hate Johnny Flynn because it is not his fault that the team drafted him instead of Curry.  ok my dislike of Johnny is irrational that's fine.  I was pleased to see that he got 9 and 9, it sure didn't seem like it.  We decided he was the guy you play pick up ball with who keeps telling you what to do, but has no idea what he is talking about.

Wes - I was shocked when I saw that Wes only had 10 at the half it seemed like he was making more than that.  He played at the level we all hoped he could.  His clutch D down the strech one us a game.  I'll take that over a game winner any day (It means we are winning in the last possession).

Wayne - he chewed up some minutes but not much else.  It wasn't his greatest game.

Lazar - he was the first man off the bench.  I don't know how I feel about that.  However at least he showed some hustle out there and took pretty good shots.  When he was put in for the last possession the guy behind us said, "Ya look who he puts in a guy that short AND slow!"

Great guy by the way he and his wife are season ticket holders.  They even talked some politics with us.  They also gave us high fives after the game and credited me with the win.  I made sure that everyone in our section knew that they were undefeated with me in the building.

Anthony Randolf- The crowd got really excited when he came in.  The PA guy even made a big deal about it.  Soon he had a fast break!  He was streaking down the court!  Everything that David Kahn saw in that young man was about to be realized with a thundering dunk!  The Crowd collectively held their breath along with some preemptive cheers!  Then he blew the layup and Lazar missed the follow. :( 

At halftime we went to purchase some wolves memrobilia.  My friends laughed at me for getting the foam claw.  When we started the 2nd half on a tear, I said, "I don't want to take credit or anything but I think it's the claw."  Towards the end of the third quarter I had to go to the bathroom.  On my way to the bathroom I tried twice to get a picture with crunch, to bad I had the wrong camera setting :( Just my luck as I am in the bathroom Pek explodes!  (hmm maybe not the best adjective to talk about while  I was in the bathroom)

Pek - Is my favorite player.  When he had 5 in the first quarter I told everyone he was on pace for a 20 point game.  As I was in the bathroom I kept hearing the Godfather music and "Pek at the line for 2."  He got more minutes with the starters and I think he did a good job.  However, I did not get to shake his hand.

Beasely - was solid.  Sure he shot a lot was ineffiecient whatever.  He came to play and played with some swagger.  I think that is sorely needed on the wolves.  He also had a sweet putback dunk and almost had another one.  He also put up some points and is a great partner for KLove (but not in a gay way).

Darko - was Darko.  He played some good D had a dunk or two.  He had less minutes which I think was good because we got the W.

Tolliver - made every alum of Creighton proud.  His double double, timely threes, and great D with the regular starters.

Rhambis - I'm going to give him some props.  He limited Darkos minutes, he made the right move with Darko on Ellis to win the game, and from our seat in 136 we had a great view of his baldspot.  He did look animated in the huddles.  He also took Love out for the last play which ended up working out.  I thought about completely disregarding David Lee for that play, but it wasn't up to me.

Play of the game (besides the obvious) was a backwards between the legs pass from Johnny to Wes.  Wes tried to contain his laughter and surprise that he had just recieved that pass then realized he was still open and hit the three.

Moment of the game was while the whole crowd was singing "Sweet Caroline," the Wolves were in a huddle, and all of the Golden State players standing at half court looking around the stadium with a puzzled look on their faces.

A few Golden State players....

Steph was awesome oh how I wish he was a wolf.  I'll start to cry if I say anymore.

Monta has some sweet skillz.  But Tim was right he didn't show up in the picture because he was to busy being worse than Wes.

David Lee - was complaining all game I laughed when he got T'd up and was surprised he got 20 and 10

Oh by the way we had a guy get 20 and 10 at half.  His name is Kevin II.  He is good at basketball.  He put up 30 and 20.  At the beginning of the 4th we speculated that he may go for 40-30 which would have been awesome.  He put up the numbers, but you did not think, "Hey he's dominating the game!"  I don't know if that's a good thing or a bad thing.

After the game we were supposed to meet my ticket rep Joe.  Since we were 4-0 with me in attendance I was going to see if they could make sure I was at all of the home games for the rest of the season.  We didn't meet up, but the wolves staff was very helpful in trying to run him down.  Joe, I know you are all ove CH now get me some tickets!!!!!!!

After the game we walked by 508, but that is another story for another Day.

Great win for the wolves, one of the best all year!!!!!

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