Same old song and dance. Calling out Rambis. (with poll)

Ye God, that was effen ugly. The same old sh*t they've been doing all year was on display once again for all the loyal Wolves fans to behold. Careless passes, hurried shots, hands of stone, Darko...there they were, in all their glory. I'm beginning to look forward to Darko's bench time, so we don't have to be subjected to his absurd ball handling skills and propensity for turnovers anymore. 

How many more times do we have to watch him put the ball on the floor, like he's some kind of magician with the ball, only to have it stolen or bricked? He's a magician, alright. He can make the possession disappear right before our eyes.

How many more times do we have to be subjected to his entire repertoire of one dimensional hook shots? I've never seen so many hook shots from one player in my life. The hook shot is supposed to be a complimentary piece of your offensive arsenal, used sparingly, not your only shot. It's not even a real hook shot. It's a sideways, off balance flick of the wrist that is called a hook for lack of a better term. Is that all he can do? Hey Darko, try a few jumpers once in awhile. Maybe a layup or two. Play with your back to the other basket, for once. Draw some contact, man. Enough of these prissy hook shots already.

Is this really the way Kurt teaches them to play? Are we really going to have to watch this for the next 3 seasons?


"O.K. boys, the last 6 possessions were passes into Darko that resulted in turnovers or bricks, so let's keep on trying it. It's bound to work sooner or later. More than likely later."

Our offense runs through Darko. He is our best player, after all.

Then they inbound the ball, and another turnover is almost certain to follow.

Do I really have to check the box score to see what a mess this game was?  


Our fast paced offensive scheme dreamed up by McKahn and Rambis was on display too. How many times did they bring the ball up and get one pass and then a quick shot? Or no pass at all?

Too many to count.

Hey Kurt, that aint the way to play winning basketball. Look no further than your own worst in TWolves history coaching record for proof of that.

Here's an idea. Watch a video of a winning team for once, and copy their style. Because I guarangotdamntee you they don't play the way your team does.


We were told earlier this year that last year's record didn't count against Kurt's coaching ability. Those weren't his players, we were told. We were cleaning house, they said. Last year was a necessary throw away season so we could get rid of all the journeymen and work toward putting together an athletic team that can run and play a fast paced style, a team that would be capable of challenging for a championship in a few years, and pick up another high draft pick or two along the way. Maybe even a marquee free agent. Be patient, TWolves fans. Better days are right around the corner.

Turn's out that's getting to be a very long corner.

Last year we started out 11-38, and finished 15-67, tied in TWolves infamy as our worst year in our entire history.

Our record so far this year? 11-37.

And the team last year won their next two games to begin the year 13-38. With Toronto, Denver and New Orleans coming up, it's likely our record will eclipse last years mark for futility and we'll be 12-39 at best (or 51-0 if you live in Tim's world). Now, I don't think there's any way we again finish our season winning only 2 of our last 32 games, or whatever it was, but the fact that our alleged "improvement" doesn't include a bump in the win column yet speaks volumes of the path we're headed on.

Something needs to change.

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