Some Thoughts on Kevin Love

Never has the aftermath of a Wolves loss felt quite so good as seeing Kevin Love squeak into the All Star game. So just in the nick of time to serve as a follow-up to today's Friday Feel-Good Facts, here are some more observations on the best Kevin to play for the Wolves since KG (no offense, Mr. Ollie).

1. The way it went down was perfect for Love: Huge acrimony when he wasn't initially named to the reserves, giving him even more attention than he would have received had he been named from the get-go. Then, he still gets on the roster.

2. The guy was potentially traded for 60 cents on the dollar, and had his minutes limited by the coach as recently as 40 games ago. Now he's an All-Star for a conference that is wildly overloaded with talented players at his position. Hopefully, this proves to anyone paying attention that Rambis and Kahn are incompetent. My fear, however, is that these two will somehow derive some kind of vindication for their methods out of Love's All Star appearance.

3. Fxck LMA. Along with Pritch's bailing, Roy's knees, and most of the bones and tendons in Greg Oden's massive and frail body, this is karmic retribution for all those dipsh*ts from BlazersEdge who waded in here over the last few years to gloat over Roy/Foye, LMA's otherworldliness, and Portland's supposed blessed path to greatness.

4. If you've ever cursed Bill Simmons for his alleged unfair perspective on the Timberwolves, you should listen to the most recent podcast interview with Love from a few days ago. Not only does Love come off even better than you'd think, but Simmons loves Love, is mildly intrigued by Michael Beasley, and is "meh" or worse on the rest of the Wolves roster. Simmons also thinks the Wolves are one of those teams that is a lot better than the record indicates. In other words, he's just like us!

5. This can't hurt Rubio's interest in playing for the Wolves.

6. Kevin Love is an All Star, and Brian Cardinal, Jason Collins, and Mike Miller are logging quality minutes for playoff contenders. Meanwhile, Greg Buckner, Marko Jaric, and Antoine Walker are out of the league, and O.J. Mayo's on a ten-game suspension. Was this the greatest trade in Timberwolves history?

7. Love hasn't played enough to qualify, but his career Total Rebound % would currently rank 2nd in NBA history, behind only Dennis Rodman.

8. Note that the Wolves have a "Meet and Greet" ticket promotion on February 14th, against the Blazers (for $40, you get a $50 ticket and the chance to meet, and then greet an unspecified Timberwolves player).  I have no knowledge of which player will be featured, but it doesn't take a marketing degree from Minnesota State to realize that Kevin Love would be the most appropriate player to offer up on Valentines Day.

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