Post-Love Scenario

Hey all. Just wanted to imagine up a Post-Love (Hate?) scenario if our FO doesn't want to pay him a maximum deal. Because we know someone will. If the CBA doesn't save us, I don't see Love staying here. I know this goes against popular opinion and rationale, but if we were to trade Love, I just want to imagine some ways to go about this successfully (IMO).

Well, before I get too far into this, BaylorWest posted a trade to the Lakers for Gasol. Not sure if I buy that just because I don't think Beasley is the one leaving (I could be wrong). I know the Lakers want to change things up, but I have no idea what this means. I'd assume it means Fisher and Artest. BUT. It could mean that they want to open up time for Odom by moving Gasol (who they could easily get a better return for).

So for one second, let's assume that they are moving Gasol. Other things we know: They covet Hinrich. What else? I got nothing. So I'm going to focus on that. How do we facilitate a deal that gets us something valuable and gets them Hinrich and another piece? I'll try to do so without giving up Love, but I'll also make a (probably more realistic) deal involving Love.

Scenario 1, No Love: (This is really tough. Nothing realistic that we would want from the Lakers or the Wizards. Obviously they have some pieces we'd covet, but nothing that seems realistic (McGee, Seraphin (maybe that's just me!), a few washed up vets that might help LA...)

I give up. I don't see Beasley being moved to LA. I don't see Rubio being traded to either of these two teams. We really don't have anything else worthy of a guy worth getting (especially to a contender, unless LA wants Josh Howard and Rashard Lewis as well. That's a lot of coin and not much coming from us except maybe some cap space). The only way I see this as realistic is if another team is involved or if Love is included:


Scenario 2, Love leaves:

Now this is where I start getting crazy, but stick with me for a second here:

MN out: Love, Wes (can we move Jonny in a separate deal?), Brewer (he's gone anyways, so this is more for money reasons), Pekovic

MN in: Gasol, S.Brown, Artest (or Walton, for cap reasons), McGee

We get Gasol, who, if he would actually play here, would entice Rubio. We get McGee and Brown, who would look phenomenal next to Rubio. We take on Artest as a veteran defensive presence and mostly to clear some space for LA. Oh yeah, we take on about $13M in capspace, but we also no longer have to pay Love a maximum deal and we get Gasol/Rubio for a few years (again, does Gasol bite? I doubt it). Double oh yeah, we get some Triangle guys. No more excuses for Rambis. He wins or he leaves.


LA out: Gasol, Brown, Artest, Walton, maybe a future pick

LA in: Love, Brewer, Hinrich, Rashard Lewis (who can't be traded until February 19th. Correct me if I'm wrong)

LA takes on a few bad contracts to take on a lot of talent. They probably move Blake or Fisher in another deal. Though they might try Hinrich as a 1/2 with Brewer being a 2/3 while giving Kobe a bit of a break. Lewis plays the 3 with Odom taking most of the 4 minutes and some minutes to spell Lewis. To take on Lewis' contract, they get rid of Walton's and Artest's contracts. Love would find time at the 4/5.


Was out: Hinrich, Lewis, McGee

Was in: Wes, Pekovic, Walton (or Artest)

This is where it gets tricky in my mind. I don't know how much Washington values these two overpaid vets. I also don't know what they think they will get from Wall/McGee. On the one hand, they lose a lot of talent. On the other hand, they get Wes and Pekovic to replace the upside (and then some, if you ask me) and they clear a lot of money from the Lewis contract. I honestly don't know whether they're getting robbed or getting a steal (in their minds, of course. IMO they are getting a steal still considering their record and payroll for these two guys).


Our depth chart next year (With a draft pick on the way):

Webster/Brown (he might expire this year...)/Ellington

 And don't worry, we've still got Henk Norel stashed overseas.


For LA, their chart looks something like this:



For Washington, their chart looks something like this:

John Wall


That's all I've got for an LA trade. I honestly don't think they're looking to move Gasol, but you never know. They'd be extending their window for competing by quite a few years by doing this because Love and Pau could be seen as equivalents (I won't argue the details...). They definitely take on a lot of salary, but the Love/Bynum front court could be a force for years to come. Love gets surrounded by the perfect cast for success (defensive big not to mention the solid defense throughout the roster and a high usage shooter not to mention a better coach and PG than he's ever had).

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