team breakdown from a 1st time poster.

I'm a huge fan of this site and have been reading for a couple years.  Big shout out to SNP and Oceanary as well as TimA for an amazing 3 posts on the analytical conference.  The following are my thoughts about the team by position...

GM: I'm actually a mild fan of Kahn.  I haven't been this interested in the wolves since we almost made the finals.  he did the one thing that I've been waiting for since that time--starting over.  this has been brutal but I think we have 1 piece of a championship team + the lowest payroll + a lot of young maybes.

Coach: I loved Rambis as a player.  Tough, cool glasses, part of my favorite teams.  I'm about a 3 out of 10 on coaching.  I think he's actually ok at player development but I'm really disappointed about his offense.  Specifically, the propesity to give it to Darko in the post and see what develops.  If I was given the choice to fire or keep Rambis, unfortunately, I'd have to let him go for a better game coach.  I also think we have too many assistant coaches--maybe this is confusing for players.

PG: I really think we're stuck here no matter how much we want to debate Irving in the draft, we're (Kahn) is all in on Rubio.  For that reason, this remains an open question until he comes.  Ridihour is a perfect back up--good scoring and a 6 out of 10 at running the offense.  Flynn has been discussed but I really think he just needs to find another team.  The man is a good guy but just can't play NBA basketball.

SG: Another sticking point.  I have been in the Wes (vs. Cousins) camp as I didn't want to bring a cancer onto a team with so many young problems.  However, I now wish we had Cousins (first switch over referencing an earlier post) as I don't think Wes will hit more than servicable NBA starter.  Not bad, but not a super star.  The draft could give us Barnes but I'm not sure he'll be much better than Wes. 

SF: I really think Beasley could be ok here.  Yes, he's not good at Def and he disappears more than you'd like a potential #1 scorer to do but for a team without a lot of talent, we need to hold onto what we have.  I really hope Webster's back is ok as I want him to be instant offense off the bench.

PF: Love.  sign him to the max as soon as possible.  we will get no one else close in trade value and he's now the face of the franchise.

C: ICK.  Nothing good here.  We really need to talk with Darko and let him go back home.  Or, we need to stop feeding him in the post.  I think we should just take a HUGE flyer and start Randolph for the rest of the season.  Pecovich has potential as soon as he learns the game.

Bench: Webster, Ellington, Tolliver.  That's it.

What to do:  What say you but here are a couple of my ideas (in additon to the above)....

Dreamin: draft Irving, trade Rubio (not going to happen)

Mild reality: draft Barnes, hope he turns into a great shooting guard or SF.

Reality: let the team age, add Rubio and 1 mid-FA and get to 30 wins next year.

I live for the Wolves and I'm excited that at least we have the potential to grow significantly.  I don't have the answers but I'm excited to see what develops.

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