Just for fun: Hypo on Draft/Rookie salary/ Salary cap.

Out of curiosity I was wondering what the Canishoopus brain trust thought of the following hypo(I'm not advocating it, just want to discuss):  What if the NBA eliminated the Draft format in which everyone's team future is dependent on ping pong balls, and went to a Rookie free agent pool, with strict overall salary constraints, including a Hard Salary Cap for teams.

The idea being create an actual free market for talent, so that it can be allocated more efficiently, and w/o locking teams into rookies they may be lukewarm about.

To proactively counter the first argument against it the inevitable "All the good players will choose to go to the Lakers, Heat, etc." :   First off, they manage that already.  Second, In my scenario there is a strict cap so those teams that have spent good money on veterans won't be able to afford prime rookies. In that sense it would function similar to talent acquisition today.

The main purpose is eliminating market inefficiency in pricing.  My main candidate for this is Blake Griffin.  The Clippers got an amazing deal on Griffin, simply by picking first.  He is grossly underpaid on that salary.  If other teams had been allowed to bid on Griffin, I can't imagine Sterling caring enough to match a high salary as it would cut into his pocket, and Griffin would now be playing on a team who's owners actually gave a crap.

My second examples are guys like Xavier Henry and Evan Turner.  Memphis had no real need for Henry, but took him because he was BPA and I'm guessing they couldn't find a proper trade value. Then they low balled him in negotiations.   A team like the Wolves, in desperate need of a SG would likely have been willing to pay slightly more to aquire him. Possibly his overall price would have been even lower if people weren't that interested.  As for Turner, he is a bad fit for the Sixers, everyone knew it at the time, yet the took him b/c of BPA consensus.  I find it hard to believe that the Wolves would not have been willing to outbid the Sixers for Turner(personally I'm glad they didn't get the chance).

Alot of this type of stuff can already done trough trading draft picks and the like, but again the idea of this hypo is efficiency.  The most important part of it being:   The Turnaround:

How long does a team have to wait for a turnaround now, even if their GM is good?  It can still take several years to even get the chance at missing on a draft pick, when the guy who would be perfect for your team got picked one in front of you, by a team who just wanted the BPA.

With the free agency, A team could hypothetically rebuild in one draft if they cleared enough space.  Again the key to this is Hard Caps, and still having Individual Salary Caps so we don't get the KG overload on salary problem.

The weakness of all this is owner's are idiots that can't keep their wallets in their pants and would over pay on potential.  My only solution for that as said before is to limit their resources(hard cap) and maintain similar rookie contract lengths as now. 

As it stands now, teams are obligated to risk a pick and 4-5 $million on a guy because they only have one shot in the draft and have a huge potential opportunity cost if they don't take BPA.  The salary bidding will let smart GM's maximize their available capital to attempting to hire only the rookies that they want for sure.  If they miss out this year, not a big deal. They will still have the available salary space next year, and the other team wont b/c they will be locked into a salary.  Therefore the patient team will always have a least a shot at acquiring quality players.

Also:  thank god for rookies teams are lukewarm about:  Yay Kevin Love!

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