Musical Game Wrap

So this is a vague idea I had for livening up the tedium of another lost season. I'm at home in mild agony over a damned back spasm and have nothing more interesting to do - so here is a game wrap illustrated by some tunes.


No one was expecting anything league-shattering but this year has been a disappointment, of that there's no doubt. Illustrating this downward spiral of failure we have brilliant depressing English band Joy Division, with "She's Lost Control."


Our shorthanded Wolves actually played acceptably last night in a 111-103 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder. Ultimately, the OKC bigs, Kendrick Perkins, Nick Collison, Serge Ibaka and Nazr Mohammed shot 77% on the game and we had no answer. This dominance (Perk, Collison and Nazr shot 100% in the first half) needs some epic metal to envisage. Here is Turisas, with the amusingly over-the-top "March of the Varangian Guard."


Kevin Durant was quiet by his standards, but effectively nailed the game away with two treys to cap a strong conclusion to the third quarter by the Thunder. When he gets going, he's unstoppable.


Additionally, the Thunder outscored the Wolves 22-6 on fast break points, despite having only three fewer turnovers. A few weeks ago, someone on the board suggested "United We Run After Them" as a team slogan - hilarious, but also accurate:


In the absence of ("injured"?) Kevin Love, new acquisition Anthony Randolph has stepped in to the starting lineup and really made the most of his opportunity. Quite a few people on the board were excited about his talent, and they seem to have been justified as AR has recorded back-to-back big double-doubles. While the team has faded, and certain individuals lack greatly in the effort department, AR has the desire to play hard every minute of every game. He puts in work - he's a Working Man:


AR deserves two songs for kicking ass:

  As a bonus, cover version feat. Leandro Barbosa:

Speaking of lack of effort, Anthony Tolliver recently called out the team for failing to deliver the energy levels which he himself brings every night. I was irresistibly reminded of the chorus from "Can't Knock The Hustle."


Coach Rambis had a decent night, demonstrating a hitherto unseen willingness to experiment and use alternate rotation schemes. His PG-S/PF-PF-PF-C lineup was particularly... innovative. Worked though, so credit to him. He also got the shot distribution correct, which led, for example, to a much better Darko stat line ( His Darkness was mediocre however, despite 16 points on 7 of 11 shooting.) Tonight's loss was merely a talent disparity, because Rambis had Everything In Its Right Place:


Unfortunately, at this point it's hard to warm to The Balding One, so I dub him Unforgiven:


Nikola Pekovic seems to be fading a bit as the season ends. I have a lot of time for Pek, and I think he has a few good seasons in him - partly because of his terrifying physical presence (I EAT PUERTO RICANS) but also because he flashes some nice skills on both ends of the court. Here's E, with "My Beloved Monster."


Alright, so that was a satisfying waste of time. Next game tomorrow at the Boston Celtics. See you on the gamethread, diehards.

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