Off Season Suggestions

Since these posts have started going around I thought I would make my own.


1.  Trade Ricky Rubio.  His trade value is higher than it ever may be again.  Ship him off to a place that could also use a point guard.  If Cleveland is willing to take him we could possibly get their first round pick.  This would allow us to potentially have the first 2 picks in the draft.

2.  With those first two picks, take some talented guys.  The first pick must be Kyrie Irving out of Duke.  Unlike Rubio, Irving can light up the scoreboard if needed.  His return to the NCAA Tournament showed us all what he could do despite not his recovering injury.  The second pick is more of a toss up.  There are players with great upside such as Perry Jones, Harrison Barnes, and Derrick Williams that can make a big impact no matter where they end up.  Personally I would take Williams over the other two.

3.  Buy out Darko Milicic.  This doesn't require much explanation...

4.  Sign a veteran center or trade for one.  Marc Gasol is about to be a free agent, but given Memphis' growing young core he may feel obligated to stay with that group.  He should only require $7 million a year to sign, leaving enough breathing room to bring in another player.

5.  Here is my shocker of this column.  Trade Kevin Love.  In all honesty, if he is traded it is easier than it would seem to be to replace him.  The team gets a huge boost defensively despite his mild improvement.  Anthony Randolph is an athlete, which certainly helps out more defensively.  He has much longer wingspan in addition to the extra couple inches he has on Love.  For now Randolph mostly relies on his athleticism to produce his offense, but still has an ok face up game.  His athleticism also gives him much more room to grow despite his below average basketball IQ.  Love could also be used as trade bait for a center/picks.

6.  Sign Aaron Afflalo.  I've always liked his game.  Defense first, with an ability to provide scoring when necessary.  Also seen as a good teammate in Denver.

7.  If unable to sign Gasol, take a flyer on Greg Oden.  Yes, yes, there's all the cursed and injured stuff.  When this guy is healthy he is 7 feet and 285 pounds of pure monster.  He has shown flashes of pure dominance with what little time he has played.  Before his injury last season he was averaging 11.5 ppg, 8.5 rpg, and 2.3 bpg with a Hollinger PER of 23.14.  Tell me that's not worth trying to go out and get.  All Oden needs to do is to be healthy and we have the steal of a lifetime.



So If all of this goes to plan here's what it would shape out to be.


PG:  Kyrie Irving, Luke Ridnour

SG:  Wes Johnson, Aaron Afflalo, Wayne Ellington

SF:  Michael Beasley, Derrick Williams, Martell Webster

PF:  Anthony Randolph, Anthony Tolliver

C:  Greg Oden (or Gasol), Nikola Pekovic

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